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Amazon’s Three-Pronged Perfect Storm for Brands

Today, brands must have an Amazon strategy that is more agile than ever before. Why? Because of three challenges they face that represent a potent combination. Amazon’s private labels make them a potential direct competitor to brands. Meanwhile, brands’ search...

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From Chaos to Growth: Building Strong Governance

Chaos is beautiful. Chaos is deadly. Every small business will experience chaos as it grows, and if left unmanaged, it can plateau your growth—or destroy it all. Small businesses are the heart of any economy, but many are built on linear thinking and fragmented...

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The Peril and Promise Behind Amazon’s Global Push

Since its founding in 1996 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has become a powerhouse in the US ecommerce market. After establishing a foothold in the leading English speaking ecommerce markets, it has looked to the rest of the world, particularly in the past five years, to spread...

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The State of the Amazon Ranking Algorithm in November 2018

We cover the so-called “A10” update to Amazon’s ranking algorithm, why you should be wary of reports of “major updates” to Amazon’s algorithm, and recent algorithm changes you should know about to ensure your products are optimized for search position.

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What are Brands Doing to Compete with Private Labels?

The economic landscape is always in a state of flux. Right now, we're looking at a massive shift as digital brands pick up steam while traditional big brands, such as Louis Vuitton, struggle. Amazon has driven this shift to a large extent. And instead of resting on...

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How Outsourcing Can Save You Time

Outsourcing is the practice of letting third parties handle work that is normally performed within the company. Many businesses have jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon, saving money and time by outsourcing operations that require extensive manpower and equipment....

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Tips for Small Business Accounting

There are a thousand and one things to consider when you run a small business, especially accounting. Keeping a close eye on your revenue and operating expenses will keep your business clear of cash flow problems. If you are a new Amazon retailer, it may be helpful to...

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Let the Experts Help You Improve Your Online Business

September is self-improvement month. People try to up their game emotionally and physically to become more productive members of the community. Online business owners often extend their self-improvement efforts to their professional life. They want to upgrade their...

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Fall Season Online Selling Tips

Businesses can take advantage of each new season by using marketing strategies tailored to the time of year. They don’t have to specialize in seasonal products or services; they can simply capitalize on the excitement and buzz engendered by the upcoming season. Fall...

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Ways to Expand Your Online Selling

If you have an online store, long-term success depends on having a long-term strategy for growth. After getting the hang of selling and developing a customer base, start fixing your sights on expanding your business. Here are a few tips for selling on Amazon, your...

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Pros and Cons of Shopping Online [infographic]

What are advantages and disadvantages of online shopping? We can find almost every product we need on the internet since the popularity of e-commerce websites. Unlike the brick and mortar store, you don’t have to wait for the store to open in order to shop. Online...

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Deciding Which Products to Sell on Amazon

If you want to sell on Amazon, you will find yourself staring at a vast selection of comparable products offered across numerous marketplaces. You may find it hard to decide which products to offer. Paralysis by analysis, right? A lot of forethought needs to go into...

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Why Sell on Amazon?

There are many online marketplaces for shoppers to choose from, including eBay, and, of course, Amazon. There are also platforms like Volusion, Shopify, and Woocommerce if you want to sell independently. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, but as...

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