Using Translation and Localization Services on Amazon

Amazon is a world-wide marketplace with thousands of users purchasing items from the website daily. With so many different people from differing cultures using the Amazon marketplace, translating your Amazon product information into other languages should be one of the first steps you consider for your listings. Proper translation of your listings can be tricky on your own, but with the right processes and people, your Amazon presence will reach and connect with all kinds of customers.

What Is Translation?

Translation is the process through which text is translated to a target language. This in-depth process includes localization, which is a cultural adaptation of text. Translation and localization services can include translating phrases, local expressions, sizes, measurements, and weights. Proper translation and localization of online marketplaces is an essential part of targeting any foreign marketplace. Our professional, native-speaking translators are specialized in E-commerce translation and localization to provide services such as:

SEO optimization for

Proper translating and localizing services for all Amazon content

Experienced human translators and proofreaders

Culturally accurate adaptations

Multilingual customer service

And more

SEO optimization for

Experienced human translators and proofreaders

Proper translating and localizing services for all Amazon content

Culturally accurate adaptations

Multilingual customer service

And more

Google Translate vs
Expert Translation and Localization Services

By having correct and culturally adapted language in your listings, you can communicate properly with your target audience. Google Translate can offer some of those translation services, but it is not the tool to use for professional purposes. Google Translate’s level of machine translation is not customized to your specific needs, gives untrustworthy translations, and reduces consumer trust from misunderstandings.

Having an Expert translating for you is the best way to translate your Amazon listings. Our translators have over 10 years of translation experience helping businesses expand into international marketplaces. We use our extensive knowledge of the Amazon marketplace to collect necessary data and assign a translator to your listings. Each of your listings is carefully crafted and adjusted to ensure that you connect with the audience you want as you start to expand internationally.

Google Translate

•   Translates by a machine

•   Not customized to your needs

•   Possible manual outputs by other users

•   Prone to bugs due to the automated system

•   Not always grammatically correct

•   Not Amazon search-optimized

Expert Translation and Localization Services

Translating your Amazon listings without error and misinformation is crucial to succeeding on the Amazon marketplace.

How Does Amazon Translation Work for Targeting Audiences?

In order to ensure your products have good visibility and are found by the right buyers, listings need to be translated and localized in the language of the target marketplace. You can ensure that proper translating happens through these methods:

Defining Marketplaces and Listings

Defining the specific listings and foreign marketplaces you want to expand in is a great start to capturing the attention of your target audience. Data about these listings, such as titles, bullet points, and descriptions, is collected to help prepare for the translation process in your selected marketplace.

Human and Software Translation

A balance of human and software translation is a great way to make sure all translations and localization are correct. Using reliable software makes it easier to keep all translations in one place, and human proofreading on the translations ensures translation accuracy.

SEO and Creative Work

Keywords and other Amazon content, like A+ pages, must be properly translated in order to connect with your target audience. Ensuring correct keyword translation is vital to improving your listing visibility in search results in other countries.

Localization of Listings

Make sure your Amazon content and information is accurate by translating conversions sizes, measurements, and weights properly to build trust with the consumer. Other localization steps can include creating Flat Files for target marketplaces, assigning local BTN, and adding local attributes with valid values.

What Languages Are Offered With Translation?

We offer language translation in the following languages:

US English

British English











Get Started With Translation

You have two options when it comes to translation and localization of Amazon listings:

Option 1

Use unreliable machine-only translation software and risk increases in returns and negative reviews

Option 2

Trust the Experts to translate and localize your Amazon product. 

Our experienced staff of Amazon veterans will provide accurate and culturally adapted transitions by:

‣ Ensuring the quality of the source data before beginning translation work
‣ Translating and localizing listings in the language of the target marketplace
‣ Giving you information on how to best convert prices and shipping rates to stay ahead of competitors
‣ Performing keyword research that incorporates language translations
‣ Providing seamless integration into other services we offer


After defining the listings and marketplaces you want to expand, data is collected in the source account to prepare the text for translation. Keywords research is conducted, and the translation process is then assigned to our translators. As these translating Experts work through the process, they create a list of questions for you to make sure they are accurately portraying your product. The translation is then assigned to another translator for proofreading, and the translation is finalized.

Amazon Translate is a machine-based translation service and it can be accurate for basic translations. However, technical terms aren’t always completely accurate, and syntactic differences occur as well.  

Due to bugs in the automated system, incorrect information added from online users, and misunderstandings in translations, using Google Translate is not an accurate translation service for your Amazon content.

Full human translation is the best option for translation services as this process provides top-quality text translation. A second option is Human Review Machine Translation, or HRTM, which  is a high-quality machine translation that is light-edited by a native speaking translator. Our translation Experts determine which method works best for you on a case by case basis.

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