Making the Most of Your Listings with Amazon CRO

In marketing, we spend a great deal of time getting people in the door (even when that just means getting users to an Amazon listing). But what happens once they’re there? How do we make sure that they don’t just wander off to another listing, or another site entirely? You don’t have to leave conversion to chance. With the right tactics, you can make your listings more appealing to users, increase your conversion rates, and even improve your organic rankings.

What Is Listing CRO?

For a lot of digital marketers, advertising and organic take on an adversarial relationship, and many will choose the camp they believe is the smarter investment. On Amazon, though, things are different. Organic and paid work closely together on Amazon. By being relevant organically we can decrease the cost of ads and improve conversion rates, but by strategically targeting with our PPC advertising we can increase relevancy and organic rank. In other words, SEO on Amazon usually isn’t enough, and the most successful campaigns almost always employ both.

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What Is Listing CRO?

What Is Listing CRO?

Amazon reports that 1 in 5 customers are purchasing because of a video they watched. That means 20% of all purchases on Amazon are a result of watching a video, and that without videos on your listing, you might be missing out on those sales.

How Does CRO Work?

CRO works by improving the experience of the user, primarily by making it easier for them to get what they want. What they want will vary depending on where they are in the buying process: top-of-funnel users will primarily be looking for the information they need to make a smart decision, while bottom-of-funnel users will often just be looking for the “add to cart” button. By offering the user what they’re looking for in a buying experience, you can encourage them to make the purchase they’ve been contemplating. The key here is knowing how to optimize. Amazon listing optimization services typically include product photography, infographic creation, product description writing, A+ content, video, and store design. With sufficient expertise, you can use imagery and infographics to proactively answer questions about your product and emphasize the parts of your product that customers are already raving about in positive reviews. Without it, though, it’s all fumbling in the dark, hoping to find something that works.

Why Use CRO?

Many brands make the mistake of prioritizing increasing traffic to the neglect of conversions. You can spend thousands on advertising and organic SEO to get traffic to your listings, but unless you can get them across the finish line, you’ll never see a true return on your investments. Ultimately, all other marketing efforts lead to this—without properly optimized listings, you’ll never be able to fully realize the growth potential of your brand.


By improving listings with quality images and A+ content, we see conversion increase by up to 10%. For a business that receives 10,000 user sessions a month at a conversion rate of 10%, that’s an additional 100 sales per month that you may be missing out on.

When Should You Perform CRO?

Almost every listing of every brand could benefit from some CRO, but there are some that are at a greater disadvantage than others. If you’ve been seeing significant increases in traffic to your listing or listings, but your conversion rate is below 5%, you stand to benefit significantly from CRO.

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When Should You Perform CRO?

When Should You Perform CRO?

Get Started with CRO

You have two options when it comes to Amazon listing CRO:

Option 1

Do it yourself via trial and error

Option 2

Get help from the Amazon Experts

Our experienced staff of Amazon veterans will help you boost conversion rates by:

  • Creating product videos that engage users
  • Writing A+ listing content that helps you rank better
  • Creating quality product photos (like “lifestyle images”)
  • Adding persuasive infographics
  • A/B testing to find winning strategies ‣ And more
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Amazon CRO is an ongoing process. There are always new concepts and ideas to test on your aAmazon product detail pages. While the initial Amazon listing optimization service takes only a few weeks, Amazon conversion rate optimization is something that is slowly tested over time.

It’s worth taking another look at least once a year, but if a listing’s performance dips, optimization should be an immediate priority.

Customers on Amazon are often brand agnostic, and your brand is competing against thousands of products (and hundreds of brands) on the platform. Customers are looking for the best value for their purchase, and they’re relying on you to tell them why they should purchase your product instead of one of the countless lookalikes in the marketplace.