Amazon Keyword Tools to Boost Your Sales

By Buy Box Experts on September 10, 2019

Amazon Keyword Tools

Back in the day, you could write a few good things about your product, take a couple of images from your digital camera, and you had a winning listing.

Today, things are a little more complex.

Especially if you’re an Amazon seller.

With 119,928,851 products and thousands of sellers on Amazon, competition for eyeballs is fiercer than ever. So, what steps can you take to win the battle for attention and get your listings in front of the right audience?

The solution—whether you’re just thinking of setting up your Amazon listings or already have a few—is to focus on the right keywords.

Keywords are crucial for driving targeted traffic because consumers only find listings if Amazon thinks they’re relevant to what they’re searching for.

This is because Amazon’s algorithm uses keywords as a vital SEO ranking factor. Hence, the best way to help the platform understand that your products are relevant is to use, in a natural way, the keyword search terms that people are typing into Amazon to find you

Which prompts the question: how can you uncover the keywords that consumers are most frequently searching for on the platform?

The easiest way is to use an Amazon keyword tool.

Amazon keyword tools can help you find the best keywords for your product as well as assist you in Amazon listing optimization.

Smart merchants know that Amazon’s search algorithms can catch keywords and prioritize them for the searcher. Use the right keywords, and your product listings will be more visible in Amazon search results, resulting in more organic traffic and increased sales.

Six Amazon Keyword Tools to Boost Sales

Here are six tools that any seller can take advantage of in order to find the best-performing keywords within their category. Of course, this involves thorough research. If you don’t have time to conduct research, reach out to Buy Box Experts. We’ll do it all for you during our free Amazon Listing Analysis.

1. Helium10

Helium10 is an all-encompassing keyword research platform. It’s one of our favorites at Buy Box Experts. This software gives users accurate search volume per keyword, so they can determine which keywords are the top-performing. It also lets users use a reverse ASIN lookup, allowing them to see what keywords each ASIN is indexing for. Additionally, Helium10 provides keyword ideas through its Magnet tool in case users get stuck. Finally, Helium10 features tools known as Frankenstein (a keyword processor) and Misspellinator (a misspellings checker). With Helium10, users truly get the best out of keyword optimization. 

There are 4 plans, including a free albeit a limited one. The other 3 start at $37 and go up to $197 per month.

Helium 10 Tools

2. Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is another automated Amazon keyword research service in the shape of a tool. It pulls in thousands of data points to tell users what people are really looking for.
Not only can you see broad or exact keyword search volumes, but you can also see and discover pay-per-click costs, impression rates and competing products in real-time to optimize your keyword strategy. Knowing PPC costs for headline, broad and exact search ads can also help you save money on Amazon advertising and enhance your campaigns.

Keyword Scout

How does Keyword Scout source its data? The values come directly from Amazon. Honestly. And these aren’t “estimates” that leave your campaigns up to chance. These are actual search volumes based on factors like conversion rate, price, etc., straight from the platform.

Keyword Scout is a key product in Jungle Scout’s suite of offerings. Pricing for all three plans is under $100 a month. You get access to tools like the product tracker (research your competitors’ products), the niche hunter (find trending products to sell), and the product database (sort products by price, category, etc.) with a subscription.

3. Keyword Tool Dominator

This is the ideal Amazon keyword tool for beginners. Keyword Tool Dominator uses Amazon’s predictive search to collect long-tail keywords that are ranked from 1 to 10.
Each number represents the popularity of a given keyword relative to the other keyword suggestions produced by the tool, with a rank of 10 meaning the most popular, and a rank of 1 meaning the least popular. With rankings based on conversion rates, sales, search volume, and other similar factors, this aspect of the tool stands out.

Keyword Tool Dominator

You can also add the suggested keywords to your keywords list, and discover better performing variations of your product-related keywords to replace the ones you’re currently targeting. The only drawback of this tool is that you’re limited to three searches per day on the free plan.
With that said, you can always make a one-time purchase for $52.49. The full version offers unlimited keyword searches, as well as a Chrome extension that you can use to find keyword variations on the fly.

4. Sonar

Sonar produces keyword results with variations that are directly based on search queries and strings used by Amazon buyers. These first-hand insights provide you with a real-world perspective of which products are high in demand and trending.

Some of the benefits are that it only takes Amazon sources into account and it comes with a Chrome extension. Other features include the option to conduct an ASIN reverse lookup for competitors’ products and find synonymous phrases.


All of that is extremely helpful for Amazon listing optimization.
Sonar is also a unique Amazon keyword research service in the sense that it pulls search volume and data from precise algorithms. These algorithms identify exactly what consumers are searching for, generating over 200 results per query. And, the fact that it’s completely free to use only adds to its charm (no signups needed).

5. Scientific Seller

Just like the Sonar keyword tool, Scientific Seller allows you to find thousands of untapped keywords free of charge. One of the unique things about this tool is that it’ll keep searching for keywords until you tell it to stop.

Why does it present so many keywords? It’s because Amazon buyers search for all sorts of weird keywords, and using even a few of them in your listings could mean the difference between making a sale and being overlooked.

Scientific Seller

In addition, you’ll discover that some of your biggest competitors aren’t ranking for all of the relevant keywords. They aren’t aware of all of them. And, that makes ranking for unusual keywords way easier for you.

Scientific Sellers gets keyword ideas from a range of sourcing, including LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), and filters out the data that does not appear to be relevant to Amazon. Moreover, users get the option to delete keywords they find irrelevant to create a more refined list to target. Overall, it’s an in-depth Amazon keyword tool that all types of sellers can use to create better product listings.

6. Scope by Seller Labs

Sellers Labs offers a range of FBA tools in an integrated package, one of which is Scope. The Amazon keyword tool presents the highest ranking keywords for an item to help you optimize your listings. You can also view the historical changes in reviews, sales, and price for any product, as well as track a keyword’s rank to see how well it performs over time.

Scope will even let you see the search volume, CPC bid, and estimated sales for given keywords. This can be useful for building a comprehensive list of high-performing keywords to fuel your listings and optimize your PPC campaigns.

Scope By Seller Labs

Other features include an Amazon FBA fee calculator that lets you understand forecasted ROI on an item and product research filters that help sellers distinguish between losers and winners to discover profitable items in new Amazon categories.

Scope costs $32.50 per month for up to 100 product and keyword searches. It’s more suitable for those who already have a profitable venture on Amazon and are looking to scale up their listings.

Use Amazon Keyword Tools to Drive Conversions and Sales

You now know what the leading Amazon keyword tools are and how they work. Each of them can provide the insight and data you need to understand what search terms are needed for your product listing.

Use the tools to find both the long-term variations of keywords within your niche and new search terms, then use them to optimize your product listings for better conversions and increased sales. It’s a simple strategy, but you’d be surprised at the impact it can have on your bottom line.

Buy Box Experts can help with keyword research, too. Simply request a  free Amazon Listing Analysis. Our Amazon consultants will personally review your listings and give you a list of the top-performing keywords within your category. 

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