Understanding International Expansion Services For Amazon

Amazon is the world’s leading online marketplace with thousands of global users. International expansion allows you to target those larger audiences from all over the world. By expanding internationally to foreign marketplaces, you can grow your business and expand your global presence. Our Experts have 15 years of international marketing experience, and we provide you with a streamlined process for international expansion to make your transition to foreign marketplaces smooth and simple.

What Is International Expansion?

International expansion is the process of entering foreign marketplaces by establishing a growing and profitable presence. Expanding into marketplaces around the world helps develop global product visibility, targets new audiences, and increases your revenue. While this process can be daunting, our team of Experts provide full international expansion assistance to grow your Amazon content. Our Experts will help you achieve successful international expansion with services like:

Total e-commerce account management

International payments

VAT expertise

Translated and SEO-optimized Amazon content

Multilingual digital marketing and customer service

And more

Total e-commerce account management

VAT expertise

International payments

Translated and SEO-optimized Amazon content

Multilingual customer service

And more

Expanding internationally into foreign marketplaces targets a larger audience, increases product visibility, and helps establish a profitable presence.

How Should You Start International Expansion?

Amazon is a well-maintained marketplace that millions of people use all over the globe. With such a large audience, Amazon offers huge opportunities to expand into important global economies. You can understand when and how to begin international expansion by following these guidelines:

Establish A Healthy Marketplace Base

Maintaining a consistent and solid presence on your home market first is a sign that you are ready for international expansion. Use your healthy market base as a foundation for global expansion as you add more time, funds, and international and cultural knowledge to help your marketplace continue to flourish.

Translate and Localize Amazon Content

Correct listing translations are a very important aspect of international expansion and should not be underestimated. Prioritize your listings to decide which items should be translated and localized first. This planning can also include infographics, A+ content, and Amazon storefronts. Having your content culturally adjusted for a foreign marketplace will increase consumer trust, avoid negative feedback and returns, and increase your overall revenue.

Understand Value Added Tax

Value added tax, or VAT, is a consumption tax that is paid by the end users for a service and product. Stay VAT compliant by clarifying VAT compliances for foreign markets, charging VAT on any sales, paying VAT on purchases, and sending this information to the appropriate tax agency.

Work With the Experts

There can be many friction points and barriers when taking your brand global. Our Experts will help you navigate through the various challenges that arise when it comes to expanding internationally on Amazon to help you successfully launch your brand to global marketplaces.

What Languages Are Offered With International Expansion?

Having correctly translated and localized text is important to promote your listings and global presence. It’s also important to use localized keywords and phrases in your Amazon content to establish a connection with your target audience. Our Expert native-speaking translators can properly translate and localize your Amazon content for the foreign marketplace you want to target. We offer translations in the following languages:

US English

British English












International expansion on Amazon is necessary because it reaches more consumers, develops your global presence, and increases revenue. International expansion is also a chance to diversify income sources.

A few main issues that occur are following VAT compliances, understanding costs and returns, and knowing the differences between the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program and the Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) program. Our Experts offer full international account management services to solve these issues as you begin your international expansion.

Our full international account management service includes global VAT assistance. This service includes VAT registration and monthly, quarterly, and annual VAT filing services for each country. We can also provide fiscal representation within EU countries for VAT compliance purposes.

Amazon handles international returns in a similar way to domestic returns. Amazon offers UPS dropoff, DHL express drop off, DHL express pickup, or a return label provided at your own expense as methods of shipping and handling international returns.

Account managers and consultants, translation and localization teams, and experienced sales and marketing teams will assist you on each of your projects as you begin international expansion. Our Experts will be with you every step of the way to help you accomplish all of your expansion goals. Fine as is!

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