Making the Most of Amazon Marketplace with Account Management


There’s a lot that goes into building a successful Amazon Marketplace campaign. Much of that has to do with the unique requirements and best practices of the platform. Advertising, SEO, and CRO all work differently on Amazon, and there are plenty of pitfalls that the uninitiated fail to avoid. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re employing trial and error as your Amazon strategy under these conditions. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With help from the Experts, you can ensure your account is managed successfully and effectively.

What Is Amazon Account Management?

What Is Amazon Account Management?

Amazon Account Management is our white-glove service that mans the ship for you, making the most of your investment in the platform. We’ll leverage the extensive expertise of our team (which includes ex-Amazon veterans), and work to build your account into a major competitor in the marketplace. With our ten-year experience across almost every category and our insider information, we can help your brand navigate the confusing ways of Amazon, with services like:

Inventory management and forecasting

Pricing strategy

Coupons and promotion planning

Case management

Catalog organization

And more

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How Does Account Management Work?

It’s simple. We work with you to set a budget and other necessary parameters (such as priority listings, holes in your current processes, etc.), then we take care of the rest. We analyze your listings, your account, and your ad campaigns, and decide where to spend the budget to do the most good. We bring strategies to you for approval before moving forward, but execute completely autonomously, giving you the freedom to divert your attention to the other responsibilities you’ve been struggling to juggle. Our team is focused on one thing – your brand’s growth on Amazon.

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Self-Management vs. Account Management

Managing an Amazon account requires significant time, considerable skill and expertise, and a non-trivial amount of resources.
Account management means having an Expert as a partner: guiding your efforts, steering your campaigns away from pitfalls, and helping you use industry-leading tactics on and off the platform in order to make the most of Amazon Marketplace.

Self-Management vs. Account Management

Self-Management vs. Account Management

Account management means having an
Expert as a partner.

Who Qualifies for Account Management?

We offer our account management services to a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries, all of whom sell $500,000 or more on all channels per year as a business or have outside funding to pay for ads and other necessary expenses.

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Account Management

If you’ve been overwhelmed with your Amazon Account, talk to our customer-obsessed team, and we can get started handling what’s probably your most problematic responsibility.

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Yes. One of the first orders of business is to create a strategic plan for your brand on Amazon. BBE will certainly have strong recommendations on where you should or shouldn’t allocate your budget, but the final call is yours.

A little of both. Although an individual Brand Growth Strategist will be assigned to manage your account, we have teams of advertisers, catalog specialists, designers, copywriters, amongst others to help support the growth of your account.

It’s difficult to put an exact number on this, however ROI goals are an important metric to set and monitor. Our Brand Growth Strategists work to present you with current data in the areas of market caps, market shares, general market trends, advertising opportunities, listing optimization opportunities among many others, so that we can come together as a partnership and holistically set goals and KPI’s.

What’s special about what we do at Buy Box Experts is we don’t place people in buckets. We sell business solutions, not a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all strategy. Our prices are tailored to each account we work with.