"We're a group of former Amazonians and sellers who help brands launch and thrive on Amazon's global marketplaces."

Joseph Hansen, Founder & CEO

$2+ billion

Amazon revenue we’ve created


Former Amazon insiders on our team of 150+ employees


Amazon ads spend under management

Committed to helping you Launch, Grow &
Optimize your business on Amazon

We have assembled a team of former Amazonians with extensive channel experience, and we’ve armed them with a suite of advanced e-commerce technology tools, to ensure your presence on Amazon produces greater revenue and profits for your business. We understand the importance of aligning our services to the Amazon mission, which is why we serve your customers with relevant advertising (Amazon Advertising), engaging and compelling content (Amazon SEO & Listing Conversion Optimization), and seamless operations (Account Management).

Recognized as experts by

Marketplace Flywheel®

Our brand and revenue optimization process creates quick AND long-term growth.

Our proprietary Marketplace Flywheel®, tried-and-true system that parks your brand at the top its category in the busiest global online sales channel.

Marketplace Flywheel

We work with partners that help us address the
complex challenges of doing business on Amazon.

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99% of brands are leaking money on Amazon.

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