How to Create Great A+ Content

By Buy Box Experts on September 27, 2019

With so many products available on, you may be asking yourself how yours can stand out from the competition. There are many ways to achieve this, but one of the best is with great A+ content.

A+ content

What is A+ Content?

If you’re a vendor, A+ content sits in the From the manufacturer section of each Amazon product detail page in Vendor Central. If you’re a seller, you can find it in the Product Description section in Seller Central.

You can think of A+ content like a “digital brochure,” in that it usually contains text and photos that you can use to educate visitors about your products and encourage conversion.

Why Use A+ Content?

A+ content

A+ content has two main advantages. First, Amazon doesn’t charge for this self-publishing service. Second, if created correctly, A+ content can increase your conversion rate and sales.

These two factors together make A+ content a powerful tool to help grow your Amazon business.

How to Get Started with A+ Content

To gain the most benefit from your A+ content, you should bear a few guidelines in mind.

Before creating content, start from the basics and think from a customer’s perspective. Ask people who have never shopped your product listings before to give you their opinion: are the current text and images on your product detail pages well organized, eloquently written, and strategically chosen? If not, then it may be best to address the fundamentals before adding A+ content.

Once you’ve made sure your basic listing content is in good shape, you can think about how to enhance it using A+ content.

Use A+ Content

A great way to come up with effective A+ content is to identify potential purchase obstacles or customer objections, then create content that addresses these obstacles.

Are there parts of the story you tell on your current product detail pages that require elaboration or reinforcement? For instance, do the text and images address potential concerns about the effectiveness of the product? In order to feel comfortable purchasing, do potential customers need more information about how the product works?

Identifying these purchase obstacles can give you great ideas about what to include in your A+ content.

Build Your A+ Content

Once you’ve identified which areas of your selling strategy need elaboration or reinforcement, you’re ready to create your A+ content. Although Amazon’s A+ interface is designed with self-service functionality, you should ideally work with professionals to create your A+ content. This can include photographers, graphic designers, and copywriters. These professionals have usually acquired sophisticated skillsets and significant experience that can help your A+ content shine.


A great photographer will take compelling photos of your products with carefully selected composition, lighting, and other great characteristics. They can usually also color-adjust your photos so that the images look their best.

Graphic Designer

A great graphic designer will choose the best layout template for your A+ content and create custom graphics that support your selling strategy. They will also be cognizant of mobile users and can design graphics that view well on desktop or smaller screens.


A great copywriter will write effective, concise, and eloquent text that supports and complements the visual strategy.

All three professionals should also ensure that they are complying with Amazon’s guidelines for A+ content. As a result, it’s ideal to work with professionals who have experience creating A+ content.

Review, Refine, and Improve

Once your A+ content has been created, have it reviewed by people who will give their honest opinions and feedback. Ask yourself—and them—the following questions:

Does the A+ content:

  • Effectively enhance your product detail page?
  • Look professional and polished, and represent your company in a positive way?
  • Answer unresolved customer questions about the product?
  • Inspire the consumer?

Once you’ve arrived at completed A+ content, you’re ready to publish!

But the process doesn’t stop there. Once the content is live, ensure that you monitor and track how it is affecting sales. Seek continual feedback, then review, refine, and improve.

Review, Refine, improve

The A+ Experts

At Buy Box Experts, we provide strategy, graphic design, photography, and copywriting services to help brands create great A+ content that will drive conversions and help grow their Amazon business. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you succeed with top-quality A+ content.

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