Marketplace Dilemma

Amazon Selling Tips

How Amazon Capitalizes on Brands’ Mistakes

For the brand executive who finds that her brand is sold on Amazon in a manner not consistent with her intentions or her efforts in other sales channels, the challenge of piloting her brand creates a dilemma: can she course-correct without a decrease in altitude? In...

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A Brand With No Amazon Strategy

Today's consumer brands fight as much for control of their distribution as they do to increase their sales. Gray marketers, counterfeit products, and poor catalog representation affect brands across all sorts of media. While sales through the Amazon channel may...

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Protect Your Brand on Amazon

How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon: Brand Registry The Amazon Brand Registry is a program for sellers who manufacture or sell their own branded products. The program's goal is to make it easier for sellers with their own brands to manage those brands and list their...

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Suspended Amazon Account

You have a Suspended Amazon Account - Now What? What do you do when you get a Performance Notification? For new sellers to Amazon, this is one of the more confusing puzzles to solve: what does Amazon want me to do now? Amazon's Seller Performance team doesn't want to...

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Create an Amazon Seller Central Account

So you've worked through the issues of whether you want to sell on Amazon. Now you're ready to move forward with getting signed up or "registered" as a seller. So what happens when you register? What is now expected of you as an Amazon Seller? What steps should you...

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General Internet Marketing

Amazon Seller Tools, SEO, PPC and more

How Big is Amazon? [infographic]

From books, appliances, apparels, furniture, to the latest gadgets, we all run to Amazon to buy what we need. Seems like the tech titan has become part of life—it's hard to shop without them. And with Amazon's continuous growth, we can't help but wonder how big their...

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Secrets to Become a Top Amazon Seller [infographic]

Despite the fact that anyone can learn to sell on Amazon, the competition makes it really challenging. How can you stand out? How to attract customers on a daily basis? How to make your customers stick with you? And so on. Here's an infographic presented by Buy Box...

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Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon Infographic

While selling on Amazon sounds good, you should be careful as there are some risks involved—there are advantages and disadvantages. As an online entrepreneur, it’s important to know what they are. Let's dig deeper. Here are the pros and cons of selling on Amazon....

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Longing for the good ole’ days of Amazon?

In the midst of Amazon’s recent and ongoing policy changes, there’s been quite a bit of buzz among veteran 3rd party sellers, longing for the good ole’ days. You could imagine their conversations sounding something like this: “Hey Jack, remember back when we didn’t...

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Amazon’s UPC Policy—Best Tread Carefully!

I’m not saying that 3rd Party Sellers are guilty of criminal or “pirate-like”activity. No… not in the traditional sense, but maybe in the modern day, “online seas” pirate sense. At least from Amazon’s perspective and where Amazon’s product catalogue is concerned. When...

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An Amazon “Turf War”?

People, like animals, can be territorial. Businesses and business owners are no different. Disrespect their market share percentages and you have outright dared them to defend themselves. Amazon is no different. Let’s call it what it is. A turf war. “How can this be?”...

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Amazon’s Product Ranking Algorithm

“How does Amazon determine product rankings with its search algorithm?” you ask. That’s a great question! Just like any business with a “top-secret” formula or recipe, this very “special sauce” is one of Amazon’s top and best-kept secrets. Yes, some may proclaim they...

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