Tips for Finding Products to Sell on Amazon

By Buy Box Experts on March 14, 2021

No matter how shrewd your marketing tactics are, if you’re selling products that no one wants to buy, your efforts will be in vain. So how do you know what products will sell best? We asked leaders in different online retail specialties to share their ideas.

Patrick Barnett
Patrick has been running online businesses since 2001. He loves helping others create online businesses and is passionate about learning all things entrepreneurship. He is eager to share his knowledge and experience.

I recommend getting in on products that are trending up. Jump in at the right time before the product becomes too popular. Timing can make all the difference.

Check out what is being sold in other countries and see if it has potential in your country. This can be a great way to find product opportunities. You just need to be sure that the product would be in demand in your own country as this is not always the case.

Pay attention to reviews and comments on products you’re interested in selling. See if there is a trend in the negative features of the product, and capitalize on this by improving it.

Look at comments, not just on Amazon but other marketplaces where the product is being sold. Check to see if there are YouTube videos related to your product. This could be a goldmine for gathering customer feedback in the comments section.

Vince Massara
Vince Massara is an English teacher and freelance writer based in Geelong, Australia. He started the Book Summary Club after seeing students use Spark Notes for their English essays.

When finding products to sell on Amazon, an underused method is starting with content. The content-first method involves starting an authority blog in your desired niche then putting time into keyword research and SEO. The content you create should involve Amazon affiliate links.

Over time, the content you write will rank and start to generate income. These articles are what you can base your Amazon products on. For example, if you have a high-ranking article on the best backpacks for students, you can launch a backpack for students. You’ll know the product sells, and you can replace the top ranked product on your article with your new product.

The method isn’t as quick as others, but if you’re bootstrapping, it’s a highly effective process.

Brian Sheehan
Brian Sheehan is a marketing manager at Hollingsworth, a national e-commerce and logistics company that helps vendors with business strategy and product development.

Use keyword research to find what people are searching for. We use SEMrush and Ahrefs to plan content and gather product ideas. After you get a good idea of what is being searched, we recommend looking online to see who your current competitors would be and how they are ranking on Amazon (1st page? 2nd page?, # of reviews?).

If you see an opportunity to sell more, work with manufacturers to create a product and set up logistics to ship the item from Amazon’s warehouse or to a 3PL provider.

This planning process should take a few days to complete, but it is worth it. In addition to the data, recognize with your gut and intuition if this is a product you believe in so that you can actually feel good and have fun selling it.

Ryan Reger
Ryan Reger and his wife, Melane, have been making a full-time income online since 2008. He is the author of several books including Private Label the Easy Way and Streams of Income.

“Ask” Amazon what people are buying. Amazon gives us this data in the form of the keyword suggestions in the Amazon search bar when you start typing in a word.

These keywords are high-volume search terms that Amazon buyers are typing in. So rather than starting with a product idea and finding out if there is a market for it, this method is equivalent to asking Amazon what customers are looking for and purchasing.

Joe Hughes
Joe Hughes runs the Amazon kitchen products review blog

Look at the competitors in your niche. To be successful in launching new products, you need to know who your competitors are, what they are offering, and how you would compare to them. A Google search would be more than sufficient to find competitors and strategize accordingly.

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