Sell TO Amazon vs. Sell ON Amazon?

By Buy Box Experts on October 30, 2017

Brand Executives face two key questions in addressing the Amazon Marketplace:

1. Will our brand be sold on the Amazon Marketplace?
2. If yes, than what distribution approach makes the most sense for our brand?

The CEO Forum recently published an article in their print periodical, The CEO Forum Magazine, in which James discusses his and Joseph’s book, ‘The Amazon Marketplace Dilemma.’ This book sets the table for brand executives as they think about the two key questions outlined above, and the CEO Forum article, which can be accessed via PDF below, gives a great overview as to the gist of the book. Please enjoy, and pick up a copy of James and Joe’s book – where else?! – on Amazon!

Click Here to Read the Article

James Thomson, partner here at your friendly local Buy Box Experts agency, spent the majority of his early career in management consulting focused on distribution and pricing strategies for large brands. Later, James spent 5 years leading – the Amazon arm responsible for recruiting 99% of new sellers to the marketplace platform. And now, as if history’s repetition weren’t as certain as filing taxes every year, James’ early work in pricing and distribution strategy returns as part of his core message to the brands we at Buy Box Experts support on the Amazon platform.

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