7 Amazon Keyword Research Techniques to Use in 2020

By Buy Box Experts on March 22, 2020

How important is keyword research to the visibility of a brand’s Amazon listings? Critical!

Keyword research is what helps attract potential buyers to a listing. A brand can do the research themselves by following the seven tips below, or they can request a free Amazon listing analysis from Buy Box Experts. We give brands the top 1,000 keywords for their category, and we take it a step further by showing them just exactly how to use those keywords.

1. Pick Amazon’s Brain

Take advantage of Amazon’s “autocomplete” function. This function displays suggestions for search terms as soon as a word is typed into Amazon’s search bar. Notice the photo below. The word “necklace” yields nine other phrases that are related to it.

Pick Amazon Brain

The downside of this approach is that it requires patience and refinement. Suggested search terms are pretty broad, so a seller will need to spend some time narrowing them down.

Pro tip: Log out and clear the browser cache or open Amazon.com in an “incognito” window to avoid suggestions that Amazon may display from previous searches. 

2. Analyze the “Frequently Bought Together” Section

A brand can use the  “frequently bought together” section to figure out products that complement their own. Then, they can bid on a few keywords that describe those complementary products.

Frequently Bought Together

3. Put Yourself in Customers’ Shoes

Brainstorm a number of phrases and words that customers might use. Explore Facebook groups and Google Trends to see how people find relevant items. They could be using a certain abbreviation or slang that the brand didn’t know about. Or, they might use a brand name like Anker when searching for a specific product such as a wireless charger. 

4. Take Advantage of YouTube

Although YouTube keyword research has its own specifics, it can be handy for Amazon keyword research as well. Because there are various searches behind the most popular items, there’s a good chance that popular keywords from YouTube will fare well on Amazon, too.

Use YouTube’s “autocomplete” feature to get additional keyword ideas.

Take Advantage of youtube

5. Evaluate Competitors’ Listings

Another way to get keyword ideas is to look at competitors’ products. Their ASIN’s titles and descriptions may reveal relevant keywords for the category. 

The simplest way a brand can find their competitors’ products is to enter their own product’s name in the Amazon search bar. They should then go through a few different listings and search for keywords that could bring more exposure to their listings.

6. Use an Amazon Keyword Research Tool

The market is flooded with various keyword research tools. Find one that reveals keyword search volume. The keywords with greater search volume are more likely to be the top-performing ones.  

7. Request a Free Amazon Listing Analysis

Finally, a brand can request a free Amazon listing analysis from Buy Box Experts. We’ll give them a list of the top 1,000 keywords in their category. Plus, we’ll show them where and how to use them. It’s easy, and it’s free! Get yours today! 

Buy Box Experts
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