Net profit increase of 2,200% in 5 years


In a span of five years, Buy Box Experts helped TRX grow their topline from $900,000 to $30 million and increase net profit by almost 2,200% on Amazon. As a result, Amazon is TRX’s most profitable channel. Currently, their high-quality suspension training equipment dominates the fitness category.


  • Brand store

    Optimize listings

  • Creative

    Develop an effective advertising strategy

  • Expand into new markets to help facilitate business growth

    Expand into new markets to help facilitate business growth

The Obstacle

  • Stalled business growth

    Stalled Business Growth

Problem Areas

Unoptimized Listings

  • Unclear Unique Value Proposition
  • Low-quality images and infographics – Zero SEO
  • Low traffic and reach

Inefficient Advertising Campaigns

  • Wasted spend on low performing keywords

Losing Sales and Market Share to Competitors

  • No defense of branded and product-relevant keywords
  • No protection on ASINs, resulting in counterfeit inventory
  • No profits because of small market share

Buy Box Experts Strategy

Buy Box Experts partnered with TRX to reconstruct their product detail pages, improve their PPC campaigns, and grow their global presence. To do this, Buy Box Experts developed monthly revenue, unit velocity, AMS marketing, and profit objectives.

Reconstructed Product Detail Pages

  • Individually optimized Product Detail Pages to capture the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) of each product
  • Used algorithmic data and software to identify and incorporate top-performing keywords into the title, bullet points, and backend search terms
  • Improved image quality with new enhanced laydowns
  • Added informative and engaging instructional videos to listings
  • Enhanced infographics
  • Directly pointed out each product’s top-selling features
  • Optimized images for mobile use
  • Improved lifestyle shots
  • Displayed different exercises users could do with TRX products
  • Showed various ways to use and set up TRX equipment
  • Built out a fully optimized TRX Brand Store on Amazon

Improved PPC Campaigns

  • Conducted in-depth keyword research from Brand Analytics and implemented the data into TRX’s advertising strategy
  • Set up a core systematic structure inside TRX’s advertising campaigns to efficiently measure and monitor success
  • Capitalized on branded and brand-relevant search terms to effectively remove the competition from the top rows of the search engine results page (SERP)
  • Increased conversion by implementing DSP campaigns for customers in the consider- ation and awareness stages
  • Consistently monitored thousands of keywords for conversions to measure ROI and keep up with changing consumer behaviors
  • Deployed new strategies inside Amazon’s advertising tactics in Amazon Live, Amazon Video in Search, and Amazon Post to stay in step with Amazon’s chang- ing customer engagement strategies

Enlarged Global Presence

  • Expanded TRX from the US and Canada into the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain in Year Two
  • Launched into UAE and Australia in Year Four

Channel Governance

  • Conducted market research to take back market share from competitors, unauthorized sellers, and counterfeit sellers
  • Developed a plan with TRX and their legal team on a patent and trademark enforcement strategy to reduce the risks of unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products
  • Regularly monitored and analyzed the size of TRX’s competitor landscape


Buy Box Experts helped TRX conquer a sales plateau and exponentially grow their business from a $900,000 topline to a $30 million topline on Amazon, a +1,000% increase; in addition to increasing TRX’s net profit by 2,200%. TRX was able to build a global presence, selling in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UAE, and Australia.

“With a seemingly endless stream of “fire drills” across merchandising, operations, and finance, our Amazon channel was a break-even business at best. Enter Buy Box Experts. They helped us develop monthly revenue, unit velocity, Amazon Advertising, and profit objectives. They optimized our listings with better images, infographics, video, and SEO. And, they created our TRX Brand Store on Amazon. Since working with Buy Box Experts, Amazon has become our most profitable channel. In the span of four years, BBE helped us grow our annual revenue from $900k to nearly $20M and increase our net profit by over 2,000 basis points. They also helped us launch in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UAE, and Australia! Building a robust business on Amazon is certainly not easy. But amazing results are possible if you use the right resources. Leveraging the merchandising, analytics, marketing, and operational expertise of Buy Box Experts made those results possible for TRX.”


Rick Cusick (June 2020)

TRX Vice President

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