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An expert team 3+ hour deep dive assessment into your current Amazon strategy

A 60 min call with a senior amazon consultant

A 60-minute call with a Senior Amazon Consultant

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20+ page assessment that covers your Amazon listings, category, competitors, areas of opportunity, and more

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Buy Box Experts will show you how to

Maximize Profitability

Increase Sales

We’ll review your images, photographs, and A+ content (when applicable) and give you tips on how you can amp up your graphics to get the sale.

Accelerate Sales Growth

Boost Traffic

We’ll give you the top 1,000 keyword opportunities in your category, ranked by relevance and performance. Then, we’ll show you how to use them in your listing to increase your market share on Amazon.

Earn Winning Reviews

Earn Winning Reviews

Bad reviews happen when your listing doesn’t match customers’ expectations of your product. During our Listing Analysis, we’ll search for any inconsistencies between your description and your reviews. Then, we’ll give you recommendations on how to correct them so you can start earning positive reviews.

Optimize Operations

Make Customers Buy

Competitors are always going to offer a similar product for a lower price on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean you have to match them. We’ll help you justify your price and explain to customers why they should purchase your product over another one.

What’s included in the business assessment

We deliver an overview of recommended opportunities consisting of both immediate and long-term actions to increase your total sales. This assessment will impact revenue for your brand and provide value whether or not you ultimately work with Buy Box Experts.

Your Market Over the Last 12 months

We lay out the unique trends of your specific market; from sales,
to new brands, asins, AVG price-points, and much more.

Competitor Breakdown

We identify key competitors and their areas of success as well as areas of opportunity so you have a clear game plan for beating out the competition.

Total Size of Your Market

We provide an in-depth look of the size of your market, the barrier to entry, and the distinct opportunities available to your brand.

Your Market Share

We give additional visibility into what your sales are in comparison to your competition and how the trends overtime can help or hurt your business.

Why Rank Matters?

Your Amazon Rank is similar to paddling up river. The higher you rank, the better you perform. If you stop paddling, then the river slows you down.

Key factors to high rank: Consistent Sales and Consistent Reviews driven by Strategy, Advertising, and Lisitng Optimization.

Several Amazon sellers have already benefited from partnering with Buy Box Experts.

See what they have to say!

“We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Buy Box Experts for over 6 months now…Amazon is challenging as things move every day and our listings constantly need to be updated. It is great to have Buy Box Experts on our side, to help us with the day to day account management. They assist with keyword optimization, listing new products, market research, general account maintenance and submitting cases to Amazon on our behalf. We are even beginning to expand internationally and Buy Box Experts is assisting us in that setup process in other countries.”

Royce Hackett

VP of eCommerce, Better Body Foods

Increase Conversion by up to


with A+ Content and Infographics


Our experts review your entire listing, including your title, features, description, price, and images. They’ll let you know what your listing’s SEO value is and what improvements can be made to maximize your opportunities.

Buy Box Expert’s free Listing Analysis gives you the top keywords in your category, ranked by relevance and performance to help you build traffic.

Buy Box Experts will help you set up proper expectations for your product with your customers, so they’ll know exactly what they’re getting when they place an order.

An experienced Amazon consultant will help you figure out where to strategically place your keywords to help you rise in the rankings.

We’ll identify who your top competitors are and what keywords they’re using to outrank you. We’ll then show you how you can beat them to the sale.

We’ll help you identify your Unique Selling Proposition and what makes your product stand out against your competitors then we’ll show you how to justify your price and explain to customers why they should purchase your product over another one.