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IRCE, 2015

The DNA of the Successful Amazon Seller

Entrepreneur, May 19, 2016
internet retailer

Amazon Punches Back on Fake Product Reviews

Internet Retailer, April 9, 2015, quoted on Amazon’s suit of fake product review sites.

Holiday Survival Guide

2014, written with Teikametrics
Case Studies

Pricing Strategies on Amazon

Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition Presentation, June 2, 2015
Case Studies

Restocking Strategies

2014, written with Teikametrics
Case Studies

Powering Ahead

Internet Retailer, December 30, 2014, quoted on Amazon’s future strategy
Case Studies

How to Transition to Amazon’s FBA Program

September 15, 2015, blog post for Taxify


Former Amazon Exec James Thomson Tells All

Scanner Monkey, Nov 5, 2015
The Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon

The Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon

Written with BigCommerce, Sept 27, 2016
The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show

What Brand Owners Really Want From A Re-Seller with James Thomson

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show, September 29, 2016

Practical Ecommerce Ebook

48 Great Ecommerce Ideas

Practical Ecommerce E-book, Oct. 2016

Marketing Matters Podcast

With The Wharton School, July 26, 2017

10 Great Ecommerce Ideas for August 2017

Practical Ecommerce, August 7, 2017