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Nick Stagge 26:47

Yeah, so I can’t, it was interesting. We have a CRM named John Hunter who’s just like, he’s the greatest. And we started looking at building out our b2b pipe. And he comes from attack. I come from Tech. I mean, I’ve been in tech where our pipeline was, like, 12 stages. Right. And so we started building this out, and, and he and I are like, kind of wrapping out about this conversation. It’s like, wait, let’s just think about the customer right now for a moment because our sales guy, it’s, it’s insane. When we get someone who’s interested, and we get on the call, we close 80% of our deals in a 15 minute phone call. Literally, we have an 80% close rate when we get someone on a call, and an average call 15 minutes. So I’m like, scratching my head. And I’m talking to John, I’m like, why in the hell are we building a funnel? That’s 12 stages, like our account executive is going through 11 of these stages in a 15 minute call. I get that that’s how 30, 50 to 100 million dollar tech companies run their funnel. But But should we do that? Like it feels ridiculous.

Eric Stopper 28:09

It sounds influenced by Salesforce and HubSpot, and Zoho and all that. Yeah.

Nick Stagge 28:13

Sorry. Is it legitimately three steps now it’s mq L, we are putting in qualified leads, like they’ve interacted with nurture stream email. So many times they’ve visited our website, they’re in the sales pipeline. That’s number one. Number two, is we have personally interacted with them on a phone call. And number three is we’ve sent them a contract. So our pipe as soon as we did that, we started moving people even faster through the funnel, which was insane. But it started happening. And then I started getting this idea like, Well, we’ve just made everything so complicated, right? Like, look, I come from two companies before that VidArmy, that it would take me 30 minutes to try to explain what we sold. Try to try to have somebody tell you what Woolley or expert voice sells. And it’s gonna take a long time because it’s a complicated business. Well, VidArmy’s not complicated. Like when people ask me, what does that VidArmy do? I’m like, we make videos.

Eric Stopper 29:19

Yeah. Well, can every business be distilled into something that can be pitched in 15 minutes? You think?

Nick Stagge 29:26

Any business I want to be a part of should. I’ve learned that much? I think so. I think you, I think you have to do that as a leadership team. You have to get it so simple, that it could be a tweet. If you can’t explain your business in the tweet, like I’m not interested.

Eric Stopper 29:42

without all the fancy like, you know, we’re the most incredible you know, data driven whatever that does this this and this for our customers without

Nick Stagge 29:51

I could put in 25 different company names and that sentence works.

Eric Stopper 29:56

So, give me some consulting then on this because We so All right, we’re a listing optimization, account management and advertising agency. But we also do like channel control, which is helping the brands, manage, you know, who is in the buy box on their listing. And we like to call Amazon on their behalf and we work with them on developing their marketing strategy for each of their listings. We handle all their uploads, like, I could go on and on, man, this is what I do all day like I’m in. I’m in b2b sales. This is what I this is my this is my shtick. Yeah. Um, so where do we start this simplification process for what seems to be a complicated agency process? Like Buy Box Experts?

Nick Stagge 30:39

Everything you just told me was the details of how you do what you do, but I still don’t know why you do it. I still don’t know what the basic end goal is. Hmm. Look, I’m stealing a lie. I’m stealing that from Simon Sinek. But, but I think like, you have to know your why you have to know your what, and then you can talk about how you do all the things you do but but right there. You rattled off a bunch of things that you that like that you do, but I don’t really get was like how you do what you Yeah,

Eric Stopper 31:13

do we help people increase their sales on Amazon? Yeah, that’s not really a why no, why is like, so what I’ve been asking people lately has been, um, what? Like, why are you selling on Amazon, first of all, and they’re usually like, Oh, you know, we want to increase sales for the business. And I say Why? They go, Oh, you know, we want to get to 10 million. I’m like, Okay, well, like why, why 10 million, you know, whatever the number is, we eventually want to sell the company. And I’m like, aha, Amazon needs to represent how much of that revenue in order for you to be successful? And that’s, that’s how we get to it. So what are Why then be we want to help people sell companies, we want to help people like have profitable exits? Or is it? Is it simpler than that? more complicated than that? What do you think?

Nick Stagge 31:57

I mean, look, if you ask me VidArmy, why it’s we believe in pushing beyond the status quo to move people, we push everything we do, we want to do beyond the status quo, is that and why to me is very high level, whatever. But here’s, here’s a great example. Last week, we ran an open casting call. We have havea video production company. And we ran an open casting call, not for a specific video. But we were like, you know, we have a lot of customers who need on screen talent, and we have to work through agencies. And when we work through agencies, we have to pay the agency 15% to get us in contact with somebody. So that on screen talent actually loses money. And then we actually just have other steps. Why don’t we just have people in our own database that we knew wanted to be actors, and we just told them, Look, we’re gonna pay you this much for every hour that you’re on set, every single time. And we’re going to turn on we’re going to tell our customer, we pay on screen talent this much and your casting services to work with us is this much. And so we had a ton of people show up to this casting call. So excited about it. We had an agency call us a talent agency. And the woman’s was like, I need you to start respecting what we do and never. And I kid you not she ended up saying, Well, if you don’t, if you keep doing this, you’re gonna put talent agencies out of business. And we were like, sounds like we’re innovating. And you’re not? Yeah, yeah. So I hate to break it. But like, I can either save 15% or I could give 15% to those actors, and they’re gonna want to work with me any day before they work with you. So

Eric Stopper 33:53

yeah, okay. It’s like you’re making

Nick Stagge 33:55

my problem. Right? Right. So internally, for us, we’re like, Look, we want to make, we want to push beyond the status quo, to move people. And then we say, well, we’ll you know, how, or what’s the next, what’s the next piece. And for us, it’s, specifically, we want to make video accessible for everyone. And we do that by making it affordable, easy and effective. And those are the things and if I sit down and I start talking to an agency, or a big brand, or a small mom and pop startup, man, like, well, what is it? What is that armel about? Like, we believe in making video accessible for you like that’s why we have compelling pricing. We make it really easy for you, and we’re going to make a video that works. And the next question they ask every time is how well how do you do that? That’s a great question. Instead of saying, Look, what we do well, we have our pre production team that’s gonna sit down and do this and we’re gonna go through this process on Our films will show up and they’ll do blah, blah, blah, and they shoot in this, are you is this, like,

Eric Stopper 35:06

doesn’t give two craps? Is this what the sales rep is going through? You’re saying they get on that call that, you know, ideally a 15 minute call with them and they start, the first thing they say is like we, this is our thesis. And then they lead to that. Well, how can you do that?

Nick Stagge 35:21

We start with, we follow a process that we created in house called wrap out. So we’re like, and we try to do all of this in 15 minutes, how do we quickly build a rapport with the customer? How do we assess their needs? So like, what is it you’re trying to accomplish? What are the things you want to do? Then the P is we provide solutions, we’re like, oh, based on what you want, you can do our in studio, as little as 500 bucks. Here’s what it looks like. And then the Oh is we offering additional solutions? Or sorry, sorry, sorry, the P is we provide validation, like, Oh, we get that we understand it. We have a ton of clients that do that sort of stuff that Oh, is we offer solutions based on clients like yours and the needs that you have, here’s what we do. And then we use you to upsell and then team we talked about next steps. So we quickly go through and look throughout that. Yeah, we get them to understand, we make video accessible to everyone. And it’s these three pillars. So we try to be really, really simple. But to your question earlier, like we are thinking about if I go back to like, what’s the risk and how are we making this more like a b2c company? It’s just like that, it only takes 15 minutes to close that sale. It is one call. Well, why couldn’t we sell that without a 15 minute phone call? Why couldn’t we sell that without ever talking to a sales rep. Everyone knows they need video. Our messaging is really simple. The plans are very well laid out. And pricing is upfront. And there’s no like hidden fees. Well, then why couldn’t we just sell it like a b2c company? So legitimately, I started doing research and we’ve started looking at websites like allbirds Warby Parker, Adidas, Nike, Levi’s, apple, Stanley, hydroflask, and are like, what are they doing to just convert people? They’re not pandering to the customer trying to tell them here’s why you need a new pair of Nikes they’re like, here’s our new Nikes which ones do like you need men’s or women’s? What size? What color? Here’s how you check out and we want to get it to like one one click of a button checkout. And people are buying it and and look people are buying items like I bought a Tesla on my phone without ever talking to someone. I spent that much money without talking to a sales rep because they made it that easy. Why can’t I make buying video that easy? So I we then start comparing it to tech companies like Qualtrics in moment SAP Domo we’ve and it’s like, they’re they’re bearing their conversion because they feel like they have to educate they feel like they have to show proof points and they have to like have client testimonials and all this stuff up front but like

Eric Stopper 38:32

do let me let me let me backup a second though because um, is VidArmy a recurring charge? Is it a one time charge?

Nick Stagge 38:40

You can you can opt into a pay up front or pay monthly,

Eric Stopper 38:45

but there’s no long term commitment.

Nick Stagge 38:49

No, you could you can choose to do one shoot or

Eric Stopper 38:52

like cut it out over several Yeah, because we even Domo and stuff like that you like you sign a contract with them with Buy Box Experts, you sign a contract? And I think people are reluctant to make a quick decision if they have to do anything that’s long term. And so I’d be curious to see how the model of, you know, quick b2c sales works with a long 12 to 24 month commitment. What do you think?

Nick Stagge 39:18

I think we should explore companies like BarkBox quip. Any of these subscription based companies that are exploding that our b2c stance runs subscription based socks and underwear for crying out loud.

Eric Stopper 39:39

It’ll be Taylor if he’s even still there.

Nick Stagge 39:42

And dude, like, you don’t have to sign a contract for that, right? You’re just like I’m in and when I’m out. I’m out. Yeah, but why don’t we put a contract in place?

Eric Stopper 39:52

I think that there’s onboarding costs associated with it, right? Like doing a bunch of services upfront for somebody costs a lot of money. So if you can get them to stick around for four or five months, app, you know that that offsets any onboarding cost that you might have. So you make money.

Nick Stagge 40:11

So add an onboarding cost to the one time fee. Like, add it as a put it in as an add on like you would anything else on a Shopify cart. But literally, we are built and we are in the process of building a Shopify website for our b2b sales model. Yeah. And to the point where I don’t have 10,000 followers on Instagram yet, but because I use Shopify and I have a PDP for my basic package, I could literally run organic posts on Instagram with Swipe up to buy now.

Eric Stopper 40:45

Well, you know, I would, I would want to see to like, how much does somebody self educate themselves on the VidArmy website before they make a decision? You know what I mean? They literally, like first contact, become an M QL. They get into the sales process. It’s 15 minutes. Ideally, it’s not always 15 minutes, I’m sure there’s some people who have more questions than others.

Nick Stagge 41:05

When we do, the more the more expensive our deals, the more it takes, but, but look, we’re selling like 12 shoot pro packages that are 1500 bucks, where people are buying all 12 shoots up front, and it’s a 15 to 30 minute phone call to an $18,000 spending, they’re like, yeah, yeah, we’re in.

Eric Stopper 41:27

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Nick Stagge 41:29

So I, I think it’s like, Hey, here’s the website. And if that doesn’t work, here’s how you can contact our sales team. Right? Yeah.

Eric Stopper 41:42

Can somebody go and buy via Shopify right now? Can they? You know, right, it’s not set up yet.

Nick Stagge 41:50

Now, that said, we’re on WordPress, our site is atrocious. But for a long while we had an econ bundle that we were offering. And we’ve never pitched that on our own. And we were closing deals every single day on a $99 e-commerce or $199 econ bundle. So it’s there, people are coming to the site and already buying but look, this is a risk when I’ve talked to my marketing friends. A good number of them are like, Oh, you’re b2b man, it’s different. You’re making some weird assumptions about your customers, I wouldn’t do this. I’m on that freakin train, man. We’re building it and I could be totally wrong. But Levi, myself and John Strang. We are on this mission to try to make VidArmy. Look, if we go back to pushing beyond the status quo. Maybe we should try to make buying video even easier than it’s been. If we’re thinking about making video accessible to everyone, by making it affordable. We’ll check we’ve done that simple. Maybe, maybe there’s a way we could even make it more simple. So we’re going to give it a run and see what happens. But, I’m hell bent that our customers are showing us enough signs right now that they would be willing to and excited to buy without ever talking to us. Look, I do think that there are some companies that are close to this. Like, have you heard of Design Pickle?

Eric Stopper 43:30


Nick Stagge 43:32

Design pickle runs unlimited graphic design for as little as like 380 bucks a month. And you go to their page and they have pricing and you can see three different pricing models, you can click it, enter in your credit card number and boom, they’ll introduce you to your creative director. Very interesting. That’s an Inc 500 company now.

Eric Stopper 43:55

How long they’ve been around.

Nick Stagge 43:57

If they’re in 500, at least five years.

Eric Stopper 44:01

Right on? Um, well, we’re running out of time here, Nick. How? Where can I send people to get in contact with you and your and your sales team?

Nick Stagge 44:11

Yeah, I mean, go to our go to a crappy website now. Before the end of the year, we’ll have a Shopify website. You can go buy that on your own. But you mean, look, we’re down email, email and I’ll get you in touch with the right person.

Eric Stopper 44:28

Right on. Perfect. Nick, thank you so much for coming on the show. Go to reach out to him and his team there email him at Thanks for coming on the show man.

Nick Stagge 44:39

Thanks, man. You’re awesome.

Eric Stopper 44:40

To finish today’s podcast I want to share some final thoughts. For brands to be successful on Amazon a critical lever we’ll be launching and managing Amazon advertising campaigns. We at Buy Box Experts are really big fans of the team at Kenshoo. The sophisticated software helps brands to manage ad campaigns and gather further data intelligence across Amazon, Google and Facebook platforms. We’re excited that you joined us today. We’ll see you next time.

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