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Nich Weinheimer

Nich Weinheimer is the General Manager of Ecommerce at Kenshoo, a technology platform that helps brands plan, activate, and measure effective marketing across all of the most engaging digital channels. Kenshoo has been an Amazon partner for the past three years and is now recognized as the number one Amazon Advertising solution for e-commerce marketers.

Nich is an Amazon Advertising expert and has almost ten years of experience in the e-commerce industry. Prior to joining Kenshoo, Nich was the Marketing Director at Buy Box Experts, where he led marketing and advertising on Amazon.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Nich Weinheimer shares his thoughts on the current state of Amazon ads and the evolution of the Amazon marketplace
  • Metrics that brands can use to gauge the performance of their ad campaigns
  • Nich’s advice to brands on what they should spend on Amazon Advertising
  • How brands with a smaller advertising budget can compete with larger sellers and increase their market share
  • Nich’s top tips for brands looking to drive traffic from social media to Amazon
  • What does the future hold for Amazon Advertising?
  • How to get in touch with the Kenshoo team

In this episode…

For any brand looking to join the Amazon marketplace and expand their business, advertising is an inevitable investment. However, smaller brands may struggle to determine just how much they should spend on advertising in order to effectively compete with larger sellers.

So what should these smaller brands do to better reach their target audience? How much should they invest in their ad campaigns in terms of money and time? How can they best optimize their listings in order to make the most out of their budget and compete with other sellers? The team behind Kenshoo has the answers to all of these questions, and more.

In this week’s episode of Buy Box Experts, Nich Weinheimer, General Manager of Ecommerce at Kenshoo, joins host Eric Stopper to talk about how Amazon Advertising measures up for both small and large brands. Nich shares his advice on how much smaller brands should spend on their advertising campaigns, what techniques they should use to compete with larger sellers, and how they can create a social media strategy that drives traffic to their Amazon listings. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:09
Welcome to The Buy Box Experts Podcast we bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world

Eric Stopper 0:18
Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast This is Eric stopper. Today’s episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts takes ambitious brands and makes them unbeatable. We’ve got a team of consultants I’m one of them come and talk to us go to, click on the free analysis button. It’s completely free, no strings attached. And you’ll be connected with me or a member of my team and we can talk about whatever you need. This episode is part of a 10-part series that we are doing with the geniuses at Kenshoo. We thought to bring together our collective knowledge in a way that was fun and educationally indispensable. Today I’m joined by Nich Weinheimer, General Manager of e-Commerce at Kenshoo. Nich, welcome to the show.

Nich Weinheimer 0:57
Thanks, Eric. Really glad to be here.

Eric Stopper 1:00
So today’s topic is how your Amazon advertising measures up. And that can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. And I kind of want to start off by just by just kind of reflecting on the fact that Amazon is a tough beast. For those who are listening, you’re probably getting your butt kicked. That’s fine, right? We want to help you out. You’ve got fees and listings and a whole host of other things that you need to be focusing on as a brand. And I wanted to talk with you Nich about some of the questions I get pretty often from the brands that we work with, and I’m sure you you have to deal with on a day to day basis when it comes to managing advertising spend on Amazon, and in general. So I kind of want to get a sense of you work out a really high level at Kenshoo kind of organizing these strategic partnerships and understanding kind of big data and how to use it. So talk to me about the state of Amazon ads in general, what are some of your perceptions and your thoughts and just the the latest word on the street?

Nich Weinheimer 1:55
Yeah, absolutely can dig in there. First of all, 10-part series of geniuses Kenshoo that’s a really nice introduction. So don’t remind them of it, though I didn’t live up to my team’s, you know, prowess in the space. And I’m certainly lucky to have the team that we do have the thinkers that have come from Amazon’s specific agencies or technology companies in the past. So excited that you guys are leaned in with this podcast. You know, for For my part, you know, I actually just for the audience’s record, I actually worked at Buy Box Experts leading all marketing and advertising on Amazon, years ago. And a lot has changed since then, Eric, I mean, you know, as I think about some of the experts that you guys are working with today, internally, and certainly that are on my team, the depth that they’ve gone with the backgrounds that they have in paid search and, you know, commerce search in general. It’s really fascinating. And just to see how much Amazon has expanded their advertising offerings, they, the placements that are available, the ad types, the ways that they’re kind of moving up the funnel in what they offer marketers, the tool sets kind of the democratization of their data that used to be very, you know, kind of disparate between their vendor and their seller programs starting to see that codified down. I mean, over the last It feels like almost five years, but it’s, it’s only been about three years that we’ve seen as it rapid evolution. And I think, you know, we’ve seen a huge demand from the smallest sellers to the largest, you know, cpgs, you know, the biggest vendors to Amazon, really thinking through what’s the best strategy, what tools do they need, what expertise and support do they need. But one of the key things that I think, is becoming clear in the whole space regardless if you’re a seller or you’re a large vendor, is really actually founded in kind of the tenants that we used to we used to tout at Buy Box Experts back in the day of the three legged stool, right like advertising is not a silver bullet for your brand to be successful on Amazon. Full stop. You know, you can’t have a successful advertising program without quality content so that the whatever traffic you are driving is converting, if you are a seller or a brand who’s trying to protect their own brand on the channel, if you have distribution challenges and you know, kind of gray market sellers, basically, if you if your channel isn’t clean, no matter how much you try to advertise, you may either be putting money in other people’s pockets or in one way or another, not taking advantage of the full opportunity for your brand on the channel. So I think, you know, I Amazon advertising has been a catalyst for large brands and the small sellers that do on their own brands to think through really rationalizing that three legged stool of content operations and advertising. And all those things are really coming together in a big way. Amazon doesn’t necessarily give you all the data that you need either to be successful on the channel. So there’s a whole world of third party data providers that are helping these brands. brand owners think through the calculus of how they can sync up their operational data with their third party data they may be acquiring to understand their share or their competitive set better. And then advertising data is certainly important, but it needs to be joined together in this broader analysis of ultimately, what is the effect of an advertising dollar on my whole business? Now, because for years, the the concept and conversation was, yeah, you got it as a seller, you got to be in in advertising on Amazon. And the whole measure was a cos or ro s. And, you know, how much return do I get from advertising dollar? And while that’s interesting, because it shows you with one element of the performance of your investment in advertising, it doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story of what is this advertising doing for my business? So I think what you’re seeing is an evolution of the thinking even small seller I’m a seller myself, I have a brand on Amazon all the way up to, you know, the largest cpgs going, Okay, it’s not just a math problem. How many percentage of my top line sales should be invested in advertising. And should I always be getting a 30%? A cos, therefore I have successful advertising program. Well, if your top line and your share is shrinking on on Amazon in terms of sales, and yet you’ve got a great advertising program, is it working? You know, so when you think about how does it measure up, so to speak, and where Amazon advertising is, is going, I think it’s catalyzing internally at Amazon, how brands think about, you know, the pay to play nature of the channel today and ultimately, how an advertising dollar affects their overall business and where in the advertising funnel of opportunities that Amazon provides you to invest that next dollar, or when to invest in that upper funnel DSP campaign, given where you are today on the bottom funnel or where you are in your your ranking in your category. So as a broad way of saying, I think it’s evolved a lot in three years, right, and that understanding the true effect of advertising on your business This is kind of the paradigm we’re in today.

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Nich Weinheimer is the General Manager of e-Commerce at Kenshoo, a technology platform that helps brands plan, activate, and measure effective marketing across all of the most engaging digital channels.