Use Amazon Customer Reviews to Perfect Your Listing

By Buy Box Experts on June 15, 2020

Customer reviews on Amazon are important for a lot of reasons. They help your products display more prominently in the search, they provide proof to potential buyers that your products are high quality, and they increase your visibility on the Amazon marketplace.

Product reviews also serve another integral purpose. By paying close attention to Amazon customer reviews, you can gain valuable insight into how to greatly optimize your Amazon product listing.

Unoptimized, Inaccurate Listings Lead To Negative Reviews

When Amazon shoppers look at an item on the marketplace, they generally read the product description, the bullet points, and the reviews. 

Often, the reviews are what lead shoppers to make their purchase decision. That’s because reviews help shoppers understand product features, general sentiment, and more. When buyers see that an item has received many reviews stating that there is a problem with the product, they are less likely to buy.

Examples of these types of negative reviews include product mentions such as:

  • missing a feature that is described in the listing
  • simply not as described
  • confusing to use

Take a look at this negative review, which points out that the product listing is inaccurate: 

One star review filter not 30 inches deep

Would you purchase a product when reviewers state that the product is not as described? 

Smart sellers pay close attention to product reviews to identify the reason a buyer might have left a negative review. If there is an error in the listing description or bullet points, negative reviews can help you figure out what’s wrong.

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Product Reviews Can Provide Helpful Keywords

Both positive and negative product reviews can offer a wealth of information about the keywords you should be using in your listing. The keywords you see most often in positive reviews tell you what your current customers like the most about your products. They also show you the words other potential buyers might be using to search for a product like yours. Words in negative reviews can, as illustrated in the point above, point out discrepancies in your listing or product improvements you might need to make. 

Learn more about how reviews provide profitable keywords here: How to Use Reviews to Make Your Amazon Listing Shine

Your top product review keywords can also help you with your off-Amazon efforts—be it through your personal eCommerce site, your pay-per-click campaigns, or even the words you use in your social media marketing. 

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Putting It Into Action

Both of the following product reviews are for the same item. 

In the first example, the buyer notes that the filter is faulty and describes her negative experience with the brand’s customer service

One star review: Filter not strong enough

First off, the weak filter points to an improvement the brand needs to make with their product. 

Secondly, the customer mentions she was told to return the 12×36 inflatable pool, but it’s difficult to collapse and fit back into the box, making it unreturnable. This example of poor customer service will deter other potential shoppers from buying the same pool. 

This shopper is obviously an unhappy customer and her review may keep others from buying the item. If the brand were to evaluate her review, they would know that they need to openly address the filter issue and provide better customer service. Doing so could potentially reverse customers’ negative opinion.

In the next review, the customer complains about the inflatable pool’s assembly. It doesn’t come with a pump, making it difficult to blow up.

One star review- Doesn't come with pump

While the review is negative and only one-star, it shows the brand where they could improve. They need to address the absence of a pump in the listing itself so that other customers know exactly what they’re buying.

This review also provides the brand with a fantastic opportunity to create a bundle by pairing a pump with the pool. Offering a bundle is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and provide more value. 

Whatever the brand decides to do, they need to make the contents of the inflatable pool crystal clear on their listing. This will help minimize frustrations by clearly setting expectations. 

Product Reviews Fuel Innovation

Amazon customer reviews are crucial for a product’s success in the marketplace. Feedback software like Feedback Five by ecomEngine makes it easy to track and analyze your product reviews so you can optimize your listings, improve your products, and understand what your customers want. 

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