The Advantages of Using an Amazon Review Checker

By Buy Box Experts on October 14, 2021

No matter what kind of product you sell on Amazon, the competition is fierce. Every seller knows this, which is why some try to cheat to get ahead. How do they cheat? Well, they’ll try a few methods, including purchasing fake reviews to inflate their ratings and damage the ratings of their competitors.

Some estimate that nearly 42 percent of all reviews on Amazon are fraudulent. So how do you manage to identify which reviews are actually genuine? By using an Amazon review checker.

What Is an Amazon Review Checker?

An Amazon review checker is a third-party tool (not offered by Amazon itself) that scans through an Amazon product’s star rating to identify any suspicious reviews. It will then adjust the product’s star rating after removing those suspicious reviews from consideration (only Amazon or the reviewer can actually remove reviews from a product page). 

So, you may be in the market for a new computer mouse. You browse through options and find one that looks appealing and has a 4.8-star rating. Impressive right? Well, then you let the Amazon product review checker do its job, and that star rating plummets to 3.4. 

This is a very basic example of how these review checkers work, but let’s get into more detail.

How Do Amazon Review Checkers Work?

Third-party review checkers use an algorithm to identify fake reviews. That algorithm analyzes a combination of factors that generally indicate a shoddy review. These factors include:

  • Tone of the review: Many fake reviews are written in a highly generic tone and use several clichéd phrases like “worth the money” when describing the product. While a real reviewer will add unique and interesting information regarding their experience, fake reviews likely won’t stray too far from the information that’s already available in the product description.
  • Similar reviews on the same product: Many fake reviews use a template. So if the algorithm notices similar language on every positive review, those will get flagged.
  • Review’s timestamp: Sellers who buy fake reviews usually purchase them in batches. Seeing dozens of 5-star reviews all given within a two or three-day window is usually cause for concern.
  • Reviewer’s history: If an Amazon account consistently reviews several products every week and only gives out 1- or 5-star ratings, that’s usually a sign of a person who was hired for fake reviews.

Does My Business Need a Review Checker?

Amazon fake review checkers are an essential tool for any Amazon marketing plan. It is one of the easiest ways to identify fake reviews on your products, so you can request them to be removed.

Reviews are an essential part of the Amazon customer experience. It’s estimated that 93 percent of Amazon shoppers use reviews as a factor in their purchasing decisions. So, if you have any fake reviews on your products, whether positive or negative, they can tarnish your brand’s customer experience and credibility.

Don’t Try to DIY Review Checking

Now, do you have to use an Amazon review checker to scan for fake reviews? Couldn’t you just look for those reviews yourself and weed out the fake ones? Sure, you could, but why would you? 

Even if you could quickly identify everything that suggests an Amazon review is fake, Amazon product review checkers could do that significantly faster than you. These tools automate the review checking process, saving you time to focus on the other important aspects of running a successful Amazon business.

Benefits of Amazon Review Checkers

We’ve already addressed some of the benefits of using an Amazon review checker for your business, but there are even more to consider:

  • Quickly spots negative reviews: One negative review can throw off your entire sales output, so being able to identify them immediately is in your best interest. With an Amazon review checker, you can easily see if that negative review is fraudulent. If it is, you can quickly request for it to be removed. If it isn’t fake, you can promptly respond to the unsatisfied customer and try to remedy the situation.
  • Prevents reputation damage: The faster you can address fake negative reviews, the better chance you’ll have of avoiding any reputation loss.
  • Manages reviews from a single location: You can look at the review of all of your products from a single location. This streamlined process will help you stay on top of your product reviews at all times.

Make Amazon Reviews a Part of Your Strategy

It’s a no-brainer: Implement an Amazon review checker into your strategy, and you can maintain a better hold on your reputation. 

If you need help managing your Amazon business, we hope you consider what Buy Box Experts can offer you. Our holistic approach to Amazon marketing and business strategy can help you continue to offer a satisfactory shopping experience for your customers by properly managing your reputation. Contact us today to get started.

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