Should You Add Video to Amazon Listings?

By Buy Box Experts on October 14, 2021

How do you get your Amazon listing to stick out from the rest of the competition? Some strategies, like Amazon SEO and CRO, are great at improving the organic reach of your posts. But to really sell your products, you need to highlight their features and benefits. An easy way to do that? Adding videos to your listing.

In this article, we’ll go over the benefits that videos offer so you know for certain whether you should add videos to your Amazon listings.

Is It Valuable to Add Videos to Your Amazon Listings?

Yes, adding videos to Amazon listings can add a great deal of value. Why? Because it is the closest thing to a hands-on product experience that an online shopper can experience on Amazon.

Think about it: When you shop in a department store and look at a product, you handle it for a bit before putting it in your cart. You may look for imperfections, observe the advertised functionality, and just generally test out the product to make sure it’s actually what you want or need.

With online shopping, that isn’t an option. Often, the only things shoppers have are static images of the product. These don’t help recreate the hands-on, close-up experience shoppers are looking for. Therefore, adding a product video is important for closing the gap between in-person and online shopping.

How Do Videos Help Your Listings?

Videos can help your Amazon listings in both quantifiable and qualitative ways:

  • Improved customer experience: By offering the hands-on experience online shoppers miss out on, your video can inspire greater confidence in your customers’ purchase decisions. 
  • Faster information sharing: Not everyone has time to read through a lengthy product description to get all the information. Including a video in your listing can help even your busiest customers learn about your product conveniently.
  • Highlighted product features: If your product has a unique selling point that’s hard to illustrate with just pictures properly. Videos will show your product in action and highlight those unique selling points better than any picture or label could.
  • Clear product expectations: Some shoppers will buy a product only to realize it doesn’t do what they thought it would. This leads to disgruntled customers, which can then lead to negative reviews. While this is sometimes the fault of dishonest advertising, it’s usually because some shoppers aren’t very careful when reading through a product listing. Videos will help clarify what your product can and can’t do.

What Type of Video Should You Create?

When creating an Amazon video listing for your product, there are usually two kinds of videos to produce: product feature videos and lifestyle product videos.

Product Feature Videos

This is the basic “what the product can do” type of video. Usually, it will show the product in use with narration that explains its basic functionality. Most infomercials could be considered this type of video, as they simply feature a presenter that goes over the product’s features and benefits.

Product feature videos are the most straightforward to make. You don’t even need to film your product if you don’t have the resources—you can just use a mixture of existing photos and text to create a slideshow that goes through all features of the listing.

Lifestyle Product Videos

Lifestyle product videos do more than just display what your product can do—they show your product in action. Or, in simpler terms, these videos show shoppers how product features can turn into a real-life benefit.

Let’s say you’re filming a video for a backpack designed for day-trip hikes. You may create a video of a person using that backpack on a hike and show how certain backpack features offer utility, like an insert for a water bladder or a perfect number of pockets.

The overall goal of lifestyle product videos is to show how the product can fit into your consumers’ lives. You may opt for this type of video if your product is unique and/or doesn’t have a large audience currently.

How to Add Videos to Your Amazon Listings

Now that you know what kind of video to make (and have maybe even made it already), how do you add videos to your Amazon listing? There are currently three ways:

  1. Use Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: From your Amazon Seller Central account, click on “Advertising” and “Enhanced Brand Content.” You can then enter your product’s SKU number and search for your product. Once you’ve found your listing, click the “Add Video” button, upload your video, and choose a thumbnail.
  2. Feature Amazon Customer Video Reviews: Customers may include a video with their review of your product. If that ever happens, you can feature those reviews on your page so more shoppers will see them.
  3. Be a Vendor Central Seller with an A+ Details Page: You can only join Vendor Central through an invitation, so this option is out of reach for most sellers. But if you are a member of Vendor Central, start by clicking “Contact Us” and then “Images and Videos.” You will then click on “Video upload issues,” where you can request Amazon to add your video. Simply change the case title to “Upload Video” and include a link to your video. The link should be to a file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive

Fully-Optimize Your Listings

While videos are a great way to optimize your Amazon listings, they only represent one strategy. If you want to improve your listings further, then it’s time to prioritize other methods as well.

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