Drop in Amazon sales? Here Are 8 Tests to Run to Reinvigorate Sales

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On Amazon, there are three main factors that drive sales: traffic, conversion, and pricing. However, there is a seemingly infinite number of factors that cause sales to drop. That’s because Amazon operates under moving parts. When one cog snags, the entire machine comes to a halt.

With so many components, it can be difficult to determine what’s exactly causing a drop in sales. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

Analyze, Analyze, Analyze, then Reflect to Find the Drop in Sales

Because Amazon is a moving-parts machine, a seller will need to analyze:

1. Revenue over time – This type of analysis can help a seller understand the nature of their product’s sales. It can point to increases and decreases around certain holidays, seasons, and times of the year. It can also give insight into the political and social climate during sales peaks and drops.

2. Pageviews and impressions – A dip in impressions or pageviews may signal a need for better advertising. Consider running an advertising audit. A seller can do it themselves, or they can contact Buy Box Experts for a Free Amazon Advertising Audit.

3. Top keywords in generating sales – A seller should always be aware of which keywords are contributing to the majority of sales. Focus PPC and listing optimization around top-performing keywords.

Not sure which keywords are best for an ASIN? Buy Box Experts can help. We’ll help you identify the top-performing keywords to use for a robust, impenetrable content strategy. Simply request a Free Amazon Listing Analysis.

4. Search volume over time – This type of analysis is similar to “revenue over time” in that it can reveal the buying atmosphere during the increases and decreases in sales. See how the two compare for a more accurate diagnosis.

5. Keyword rank position over time – A drop in keyword rank can lead to a lower position in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Use this type of analysis to consider which keywords are worth prioritizing.

6. Sponsored rank position over time – A sponsored ad can generate a lot of clicks, however, if it’s in the 8th or 9th position of sponsored ads, it won’t be seeing very much traffic. That’s because even being in the top ten of sponsored ads doesn’t ensure that a product will be on the first page.

7. PPC spend and performance – When it comes to PPC campaigns, a seller should be practicing consistent daily oversight. Need help with reaching PPC goals? Check out this article: Maximize Advertising Goals: Discovery vs. Performance

8. Market share – If a new competitor arises, a seller will need to find ways to maximize their piece of the market.

Take back market share. Get a Free Market Share Analysis from Buy Box Experts.

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Need more information? Learn step-by-step how the experts diagnose a drop in sales. Watch the webinar below.

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