Quick Tips on How to Beat out Inferior Products on Amazon

By Buy Box Experts on July 6, 2020

We see it all the time on Amazon: a reputable brand works hard to perfect their product and build a loyal consumer base. Then, a smaller business comes along, copies their model, and steals their market share. It’s infuriating to see vital sales go to a lesser-known, lower quality brand with inferior products. Fortunately, there are ways to fight back. Below, we’ll cover some critical tactics that any brand can use against copycat competitors. 

1. Do a Market Share Analysis Against Small Brands

Successful strong brands know exactly how much market share belongs to them. This knowledge allows them to adjust their strategies, allocate parts of the budget to more successful endeavors, and come out on top. 

A brand can conduct their own market share analysis, or they can get one for free from Buy Box Experts. Our market share analysis provides the conversion share of the top three ASINS in a brand’s category and the overall best-performing keywords in the category. With this information, a brand can bid higher on more profitable keywords relevant to their ASINs and category. 

Additionally, our market share analysis is customized to each brand, meaning one of our seasoned Amazon consultants will personally review the brand’s account and provide insights specific to them. Learn more about a Market Share Analysis from Buy Box Experts here: Buy Box Experts Market Share Analysis FAQ..

2. When Small Brands with Inferior Products Undercut, Bring Value to the Table

Often, small brands beat out bigger ones by undercutting them on price. However, the issue isn’t affordability. Rather, it’s a lack of value. 

If a customer thinks, “the alternative does the exact same thing as the original—and it’s cheaper,” after viewing the original’s listing, then the original failed to communicate their unique value proposition (UVP).

A UVP describes what sets one brand apart from all of its competitors. It’s what separates the world-class brands from their generic counterparts. 

Take Dyson for example. They dominate the vacuum realm, and everybody knows it. Why? Because everybody understands Dyson’s UVP, which is “the vacuum that doesn’t lose suction,” or in other words, a high-end, high-quality, technologically advanced vacuum cleaner that won’t sputter out. 

Take time developing a first-rate unique value proposition then incorporate it throughout content and listings on Amazon. Make sure customers understand the value they’re sacrificing if they buy from an alternative competitor. 

3. Dominate Branded Search Terms

A bigger brand needs to capitalize on their branded keywords. Otherwise, a smaller brand will take advantage of the missed opportunity and encroach on their market share. 

Customers searching for a branded product are the lowest (best) leads in the sales funnel. They’re specifically looking to buy that brand’s product. However, if a smaller brand is bidding more on their branded search terms, then they’ll show up higher and, in worst-case scenarios, first on the search results page (SERP). This distracts customers from buying the bigger brand’s product because they’ll see the smaller brand on the SERP, compare prices, and go for the cheaper alternative instead (especially if the bigger brand’s value is not communicated well).

Effective keyword research and strategic PPC bids can help prevent this from happening. However, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to keyword research. Buy Box Experts offers the top 1,000 keywords in a brand’s category. Our Amazon consultants also provide detailed insight and information on how to use keywords to beat out smaller brands. Just sign up for a free Market Share Analysis to get started.

Why Competitors with Inferior Products Outsell You on Amazon and How to Win

Lastly, brands can watch the Buy Box Experts webinar “Why Competitors with Inferior Products Outsell You on Amazon and How to Win” to learn how to beat out smaller competitors. This webinar gives an in-depth overview of how brands can position themselves, communicate their value, and maximize opportunities to dominate their category. Plus, this webinar features Amazon experts who’ve helped big brands come back and take back their rightful share.

Watch the webinar below or click here: Why Competitors with Inferior Products Outsell You on Amazon and How to Win.

  • James Thomson, Partner and Co-Founder of Buy Box Experts
  • Jeff Cohen, VP of Marketing at Seller Labs
  • Joseph Hansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Buy Box Experts


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