Marketing Tips for Amazon Sellers

By Buy Box Experts on July 10, 2017

Selling on Amazon may seem easy, but Amazon retailers will tell you that it is rarely a walk in the park. While Amazon’s sales for last year topped 136 billion U.S. dollars in net sales , many Amazon sellers become disillusioned when they are not seeing their piece of the pie.

Rather than just listing products, retailers should learn exactly how to sell on Amazon for maximum success. The following marketing tips can help guide Amazon sellers:

  • Sell with Fulfillment by Amazon – Selling through FBA will help your products appear in Prime-filtered searches and allow for simpler order handling. The biggest benefit of selling through FBA, however, is that you can capitalize on Amazon’s success and reputation.
  • Remember that Amazon is a search engine as much as it is a marketplace – People search for products not only on the usual search engines but also in Amazon. Amazon uses ranking factors in deciding which products to show and in what order. Amazon sellers can sell more if they know how to optimize Amazon features, such as title, subtitle, product description, Q&A, and images.
  • Win the Buy Box – Winning the Buy Box will help you sell more on Amazon.
  • Know your unit profitability – There is no point in selling products that will not help you earn money. Calculate your unit profitability, including an allowance for overhead costs.
  • Solicit reviews from happy customers – Quality and quantity in reviews are important to boost your sales. Studies have proven that products with more reviews outperform those with fewer. Received a negative review? Not to worry. Occasional less-than-perfect feedback can actually help prove to readers that your reviews are authentic.
  • Diversify your marketing channels – Don’t limit your marketing efforts to Amazon only. Amazon is a prime medium, no pun intended, but you should also include others channels such as Google and Facebook Ads.

The Amazon marketplace is teeming with sellers, but with a concerted marketing effort, you can rise above the competition.

Buy Box Experts
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