Learn How to Fight Counterfeits on Amazon

By Buy Box Experts on July 17, 2020

Counterfeits can ruin a brand’s reputation like nothing else. The fight against them seems like a losing battle. If a counterfeiter gets shut down, what’s to stop them from creating a new seller account and starting up their sneaky operation all over again? Fortunately, there are a few actions brands can take that keep those sly enemies at bay. 

First Step to Fight Counterfeits: Sign up for Brand Registry

The first action a brand needs to take is to sign up for Amazon’s Brand Registry program. Once registered, a brand gives Amazon their trademarks, logos, catalog, country of origin, and more. Then, Amazon uses that information as a quality check against sellers who are violating intellectual property (IP). If the seller can’t prove the product is legitimate, Amazon shuts down their account.

This program is Amazon’s most effective way to protect a brand from counterfeiters, and it’s imperative that brands sign up for it. If a brand is interested in learning more about Brand Registry and how to use it to the best of their advantage, they can talk to a seasoned Amazon consultant at Buy Box Experts. Sign up for a free consultation and listing analysis here:

Be Persistent with Amazon

Brand Registry is best for future counterfeit prevention and removal, but for brands currently dealing with the aftermath of counterfeits, they’ll need to directly contact Amazon—and they’ll need to do it often. 

Amazon’s main priority is satisfying customers, not protecting Amazon sellers. As a result, Amazon doesn’t actively fight counterfeits unless the brand brings the problem to their attention. 

When Amazon responds, they’ll most likely ask the brand to do a test buy. A test buy is where the brand purchases the counterfeit product, inspects it, and notifies Amazon that the product is counterfeit. Once that’s done, Amazon will remove the seller. It’s A LOT of work and it takes constant persistence, but it’s better than letting counterfeits completely overtake (and destroy) a listing. 

Want to learn more about fighting counterfeits? Check out our webinar “How To Fight Back Against Counterfeit Sellers on Amazon.”

Uncheck Commingled Inventory

How do counterfeits even sneak in any way? Sometimes, the brand makes it easy for them simply by not reviewing the default settings that Amazon applies to each seller when they sign up for FBA. If a brand (or any of their authorized sellers) use FBA, there is a default setting called “Commingle Inventory.” Uncheck it!! 

When FBA is set to “Commingle Inventory,” Amazon can group together units of the same product sent into FBA by different sellers. As a result, legitimate and counterfeit products can be pooled together. It’s rarely ever worth commingling inventory, so make sure to deactivate it in the settings. 

Consider the Flip Side

It may be possible that a brand doesn’t have a counterfeit issue in the first place. 

For sellers using FBA, it’s important to keep in mind that Amazon fulfillment centers often reshelve returns and label them as “new condition”—and the returns aren’t always in the most pristine condition either. The item could be repackaged poorly or, in worse cases, visibly used. When a customer gets a hold of such an item, they’ll think it’s fake or counterfeit, and leave a negative review. 

Customers may also think a product is counterfeit if the brand changes their packaging and design. If the listing’s images aren’t updated with the new design, customers may assume it’s a fake. This is why it’s crucial to regularly review listings. A brand could do it, or Buy Box Experts can do it for them. During a free listing analysis, the team at Buy Box Experts walks a brand through their listing, showing them what could be improved to drive traffic and increase conversion. Sign up for a  free listing analysis by clicking the button below.

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Learn to Fight Counterfeits in the Buy Box Experts Webinar

The battle against counterfeits can feel never ending. Fortunately, the Buy Box Experts “How To Fight Back Against Counterfeit Sellers on Amazon” dives in deeper about how to remove counterfeits from a listing.


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