Amazon Bullet Points: Write Bullets That Earn Sales

By Buy Box Experts on June 30, 2020

When searching for a product, Amazon shoppers are virtually given hundreds of choices. As a result, they bounce from one listing to another looking for the perfect product. After looking at so many product detail pages, a single glance becomes enough to tell a shopper if a product meets all their needs. The challenge for a seller then becomes how to get a consumer to stay and buy. This is where bullet points come into play. Amazon bullet points should quickly provide customers with a product’s top-selling points. Despite their simplicity, many sellers fail to write compelling bullet points. 

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1). Make Text Skimmable in Amazon Bullet Points

Sellers need to optimize Amazon bullet points for skim-reading. Bullet points should present customers with the most valuable information up front. At Buy Box Experts, we’ve found that the best way to do this is with the following format:

Bullet Point Example

The first words of each bullet point are capitalized. The capital letters advertise the product’s greatest selling points. They’re large and easy to see, so if a customer is skimming through the listing, they’ll serve as a focal point. 

Notice how each sentence is short and succinct. Customers aren’t going to take the time to read through paragraphs of text, especially when they’re browsing through hundreds of other listings. Keep Amazon bullet points as brief as possible for faster reading. 

Finally, skimmable text is easy to read. Don’t stuff text with large words or complicated grammar. Instead, use writing within an 8th-grade reading level. 

2). Highlight the Unique Value Propositions (UVP)

unique value proposition (UVP) describes what sets a product apart from all its competitors. When crafting a UVP, a seller needs to consider the defining differences between their product and alternatives. 

Identifying a UVP can be difficult. It’s not a slogan or a catchphrase. It’s what separates a world-class brand from inferior alternatives. If you’re interested in finding out your brand’s UVP, request a free Amazon Listing Analysis. Our experts will review your listing and show you how to get ahead of your competitors.

Once a brand has nailed their UVP, they can start writing their bullet points. The bullet points should support the UVP while calling out the main benefits of the product. Good Amazon bullet points explain what a product does, while benefits explain what a product does for the customer.

Below is an example of two bullet points for the same product, a bookshelf.

Cherry Bookshelf


When the bullet points directly address why the customer wants a product, it does a number of things for the consumer. 

First, it answers their questions. When looking at the bookshelf, a seller may think “Will I be able to put this together myself?” Once they see “EASY TO ASSEMBLE,” their question is answered, and they’re reassured that the product meets their needs. 

Second, benefit-driven bullet points validate a customer’s purchasing decision. Some shoppers need justification. They may worry if a product is worth spending their money. If the product addresses their needs and explains what it can do for them, then the customer is more likely to feel validated and make the purchase.

Finally, benefit-driven bullet points allow sellers to contain several features in a single bullet point. Essentially, a seller can “cover all their bases.” Back to the bookshelf example, the bullet point for 5 shelves can continue on as:

5 SHELVES TO HOLD ALL YOUR BOOKS: Our sturdy bookshelf has enough shelves to hold all of your books, trinkets, or collections. 

In this bullet point alone, it covers 3 features. The consumer learns that the bookcase has 5 shelves, is sturdy, and can anything from books to trinkets to collections. 

Bullet points that lead to conversion have a great UVP and explain what the product does for the customer. If you’re wondering how to strengthen your bullet points, request a free listing analysis from Buy Box Experts. Our Amazon consultants will show you exactly what needs to be done to enhance your listing and improve your conversion.

3). Research the Consumer Base

Several brands make the mistake of bragging about their company. They talk about how excellent their services are, how they’ve been in business for years, or how well they treat their employees. While those are all honorable endeavors, customers aren’t interested in them. 

When a customer shops on Amazon, they most care about how the product will benefit them. Sellers need to do critical research to discover what matters most to their consumers. The listing itself sometimes provides the critical information a seller needs to market to their target audience.

Read the Question and Answers Section

When customers ask questions, it’s because the product detail page isn’t giving them the answers they need. Questions are a cue for the seller to update their listing. Review questions asked then address them in the bullet points as well as the Q&A section so that future shoppers won’t have the same queries. 

Study Negative Review Trends

When a seller gets a negative review, it’s often because the product detail page led the customer to have expectations that didn’t align with the product experience. The seller needs to reevaluate the content of their listing and pinpoint what caused the seller to make false assumptions. Then, the seller needs to make changes to the bullet points so that future customers won’t have a bad experience.

Look at Positive Reviews

Positive reviews can also provide content for bullet points. They tell a seller what customers like about their product. The seller can then use that information to fine-tune the selling points within their bullet points. Additionally, positive reviews reveal secondary purposes for a product—in what other ways are customers using the product?

4). Include Keywords in Amazon Bullet Points

Amazon bullet points index for keywords, which is why sellers should also include valuable search terms in their content. The keywords will not only drive traffic to a listing, but they’ll also act as a signal to the target audience. Think about this: search terms are what the target audience uses to find the product. If they see the words they’re looking for right in the bullet points, it will reassure them that the product meets their needs. 

A Word of Caution: Do not keyword stuff. Keyword stuffing is a big turn-off for potential customers. It makes a product detail page look sloppy and unprofessional and loses credibility with shoppers. Keywords should be naturally incorporated into the content rather than forced.

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Amazon Bullet Points that Convert

Although small, bullet points make a big impact on a listing’s conversion. Winning bullet points address customer needs as quickly as possible, thanks to skimmable text, benefit-driven bullet points, careful research, and relevant keywords. 

A seller can do it all themselves or they can work with professionals, like Buy Box Experts. Our experienced consultants know first-hand what works best on Amazon. Schedule today for a free Amazon Listing Analysis. 

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