Sales growth of
1,097% in just 12 months


Buy Box Experts worked with Aquis, a haircare company, to maximize return-on-investment (ROI), increase traffic, and boost the conversion rate on their Amazon listings.

This resulted in a 1,097% increase in Amazon sales for Aquis.


  • Brand store

    Optimize listings

  • Creative

    Develop an effective advertising strategy

  • Create a memorable customer experience

    Create a memorable customer experience

The Obstacle

  • Stalled business growth

    Stagnant Amazon sales

Problem Areas

Listing Needed Improvement

  • Missing infographics
  • Lack of top-performing keywords
  • No A+ content

Untapped Customer Engagement

  • Low number of reviews
  • No feedback emails
  • No questions and answers on product display pages

Undeveloped Marketing Strategy

  • Inconsistent branding
  • Not capitalizing on brand name

Buy Box Experts Strategy

Buy Box Experts gave Aquis’ listings a complete remodel to bring in the conversion rate.


  • Added top-performing, hyper-relevant keywords to the title and backend search terms
  • Highlighted each product’s unique value proposition (UVP)
  • Focused on benefits, not features of each products
  • Made sure to include the Acquis brand name throughout content


  • Adhered to brand guidelines to ensure consistent branding across all graphics
  • Analyzed product detail pages to identify which unique value proposition (UVP) needed to be emphasized
  • Customized graphics so they highlighted the products’ UVPs


  • Chose compelling lifestyle photos
  • Used lighting and shading to draw attention to the most appealing aspects of each product photo

A+ Content

  • Applied bold, eye-catching typography
  • Used templates that are compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms
  • Utilized branded iconography to represent product benefits in an easy-to-understand way

Incite Engagement

  • Worked together with the Aquis Customer Service Team to answer questions and respond to reviews promptly
  • Ensure that the Aquis voice was consistent throughout all customer touch points
  • Worked with the Aquis Customer Service Team to create specific feedback emails for each of their products
  • Installed a feedback service to increase reviews and customer interaction

Revamped their Account

  • Developed powerful marketing strategy by using consistent branding across messaging and images of each product line
  • Forecasted inventory and stock based on recent trends and the past year’s trends
  • Sent weekly restock reports so Aquis could order 60 days out
  • Created variations on the same product detail pages
  • Implemented an ad strategy to capitalize on the most relevant keywords with high search volumes
  • Built successful Google and social media ad strategy for Aquis originals (only sold on Amazon)


In just 12 months, Aquis managed to increase their sales by 1,097% through BBE’s listing optimisation, advertising strategies, and customer service management. Buy Box Experts continues to work alongside Aquis to ensure even higher growth for the future.

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