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Eric Jooymans

Eric Kooymans is the Founder of Harnessing Strengths, a website design and e-commerce marketing agency that helps brands to get online. He has over 15 years of experience in helping brands with e-commerce development, search engine optimization, paid search marketing, inbound marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and lead generation for B2C, B2B, and B2M industries.

Prior to founding Harnessing Strengths, Eric worked at various agencies and brands perfecting his perspective on what brands need to do to be successful online.




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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How diversification has helped brands adapt and thrive online
  • Why Eric decided to create his own marketing agency
  • Why focusing on price alone can be the downfall of brands who are looking to make it big in the online marketplace
  • What does scalability and efficiency mean, and how brands can achieve these
  • Eric talks about the strategy he uses for his work with churches and nonprofits, and what he learned that he applies with brands
  • How Eric helps brands control their branding on Amazon and other online marketplaces
  • How to help brick and mortar brands excited about going online
  • Common mistakes brands make when looking for and selecting agencies to work with
  • How Eric realized that he was good at helping brands grow their company and build their roadmap
  • Eric shares the five things you need to do effectively to grow your brand
  • Eric’s advice to brands that have grown offline on how they can use the knowledge acquired to help them grow online

In this episode…

When brands are in the market for agencies to help them establish an online presence, many of them opt for the first one who promises them a website. They fail to look at how that agency will promote their brand and how this agency can create traffic that will help their sales grow. And according to Eric Kooymans, finding the agency who will take the time to get to know your target clients and build a roadmap for you, is the key to making your business grow.

In this episode of Buy Box Experts, James Thomson interviews Eric Kooymans about what scalability and efficiency means for businesses going online, the most common mistakes brands make when selecting marketing agencies to work with, how brick and mortar brands can use their knowledge in offline selling online, and the five things brands need to do in order to effectively grow their business. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:09
Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast we bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world.

James Thomson 0:18
Hi, I’m James Thomson, one of the hosts of the Buy Box Experts podcast. I’m a partner with Buy Box Experts and formerly the business head selling on Amazon at Amazon, as well as the first account manager for the Fulfillment by Amazon team. I’m co-author of the books controlling your brand in the age of Amazon, and the Amazon Marketplace dilemma as well as co-founder of The Prosper Show. Today’s episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts takes ambitious brands and makes them unbeatable. When you hire Buy Box Experts you receive the strategy optimization and marketing performance to succeed on Amazon. Buy Box Experts is the only agency that combines executive-level advisory services with expert performance management and execution of your Amazon channel strategy, go to to learn more. Our guest today is Eric Clemens. Eric is founder of Harnessing Strengths, a website design and e-commerce marketing agency helping brands to get online. Eric has over 15 years experience helping brands with e commerce development, search engine optimization, paid search marketing, inbound marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing and lead generation for b2c b2b and b2c Industries. Prior to founding harnessing strengths, Eric worked at various agencies and brands, perfecting his perspective on what brands need to do to be successful online. Eric is bringing his expertise to us today, sharing best practices on how brands grow online. So welcome, Eric. And thank you for joining us today on our Buy Box Experts podcast.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Thank you. I appreciate your time.

James Thomson 1:51
So let me start by asking you, I’d like to get your perspective over the past couple of decades. How have you seen brands thrive or not? thrive when it comes to adapting to the fact that there are now these online channels.

Eric Kooymans 2:06
Without I think the big thing is being able to to diversify so is in a sense that, that brands sometimes often put their all their eggs in one basket. And that’s a situation where, where it’s either one product or one little niche of products. Sometimes it’s only on one channel. And with that, being able to weather the ups and downs of a changing market and to be able to adapt as you grow. That’s kind of the biggest, the biggest hurdle that many companies have just because it’s tough to scale. And it’s tough to be able to, to get traffic from many different areas or to be able to have different multiple channels to sell from. And that’s sometimes that’s most often the toughest challenge that companies have to be able to scale the brand.

James Thomson 2:52
So tell me, I’m curious to learn more about how did you come to found your agency, what caused you to get to the place where you said I want to be in business myself, I’m crazy enough to do this, how do I get to that place?

Eric Kooymans 3:05
Well, with SAP, I work with many different agencies doing everything from, from all the different pieces of marketing from search engine optimization, to paid search to, to social marketing, all of those different things. There’s, there’s many different, you know, budget constraints and different things that that we’re unable for us to do a great a fully Great job. And so with that we focus everything from from not just doing great marketing, but also having a great foundation. And that was our biggest goal is that we want to help clients grow in a very scalable way and not just to do a bunch of advertising and say, and then all of a sudden stopping the train stops, that’s not the goal. And so we really focus you know, really go deep into making certain that you have a great website. And, and and be able to have diversified channels. And and that was our main goal is just to be able to do it right from A to Z. And, and and to really, really structure our company around a grocery You’re not just say hey, here’s a website, or here’s some Facebook marketing or here’s one piece of it. Our goal is to really put together that that global strategy to have you know, a long term relationship and to grow, you know, evenly over time so

James Thomson 4:11
so online marketplaces have been around opportunities for brands to go direct to consumer has been now around for at least a decade. What mistakes Do you see brands still commonly making when it comes to thinking about an online channel relative to the rest of their business?

Eric Kooymans 4:25
That elicits when it comes to mistakes that’s something that that you know, I think that the the big thing that that in today’s world is it’s there’s is that price is really kind of as become the you know, the big driver well on Amazon you know, with the Buy Box it’s there’s a lot of repricing and different things. And and we’ve often seen the best success with brands focus on the why not just the price, but what is not just the the solution that this is providing but a couple people go to Amazon or go to Go to Google and search for a problem that they have. And And oftentimes, there’s 50 different answers of how to fix that problem. But we’ve learned at companies focus not on just selling the features of the product, but focus on the why that this product is better, and how this will change your life, not just improve your life, but change your life. That’s something that that people are then not focused on the price. They’re not focused on the, on the, on the ability to, to that this feature does it over this but really focusing on that there’s a bigger picture here and this is a complete solution to your problem. And then with that allows them to really scale that when it comes to putting together either a bundle of products, that allows you to have enough margin to be able to scale and then also the ability to to effectively drive traffic because you have enough margin to be able to, to pay for your costs, pay for your colleagues pay for all the fees and and really be able to scale in that direction. But that’s kind of product strategy is something where where I really Feel that most brands kind of stop it, okay, I can get this for a good price. And they don’t think about our do the competitive analysis, build it around the demand of what people are searching for. And if you spend half your time telling what your product does, they’re not the why it makes your life better, then then then it gets a lot more expensive and the ability to compete against, you know, all the different brands that are out there oftentimes gets lost in the shuffle because they’re not focused or focused on the features and not the big why that makes people want to pull the trigger and and make people not focused on the product and the features but on a bigger problem that they had when they first started searching.

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Eric Kooymans is the Founder of Harnessing Strengths, a website design and e-commerce marketing agency that helps brands to get online. He has over 15 years of experience…