What’s Keeping You From Selling More Online?

By Buy Box Experts on July 17, 2017

Amazon sold well over $100 billion last year, broken down into an average of over $12 million in hourly sales. Amazon has more than 300 million customers, with more than 54 million Amazon Prime members.

Knowing these statistics, you may wonder why you are not selling more on Amazon, or on your own website. If you are looking to increase online sales, make sure that you are not slipping into any of the following pitfalls that could sabotage your business.

  • Uncompetitive pricing – High prices are a major reason why customers leave your site without buying anything. Customers can also be turned off by unexpected costs, such as shipping charges, which are later added to the display price. At times, customers may find better bargains, but you can position yourself to maintain consistently low prices by paying attention to your competitors’ pricing.
  • Website issues – Customers need to interact with your website before they decide to buy from you. The most common reason customers leave a site without buying is that they find a website to be difficult to navigate. Having a user-friendly site will result in more sales. Many buyers are now using mobile devices when they search for products online. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are losing out on potential customers.
  • Trust and security problems – You cannot expect people to buy your products if they do not trust you. They need assurance that you will deliver on your promise. Having good customer reviews is one way of building customer trust. Positive reviews from satisfied patrons will encourage others to trust you. You also need to assure your customers that their sensitive personal and financial information will be kept confidential and secure. You can earn your customers’ trust by integrating an SSL to secure your website.
  • Weak marketing – Your sales could be suffering due to a misguided or anemic marketing strategy. It’s good to attract customers, but you need to make sure you are attracting the right customers. Traffic is useful only if it results in conversions. Using software for Amazon sellers will enable you to determine the appropriate sources of traffic that will lead to conversions.

Increasing sales online takes constant effort, but as you work to enhance the experience of potential buyers, you will see the results in improved revenues for your company.

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