What It Actually Takes To Be Successful On Amazon

By Buy Box Experts on August 1, 2018

As competition increases on Amazon, it’s incredibly important to know how to stand out from the growing crowd. Sellers need to work harder and smarter to beat competitors when selling on Amazon. But they need to know how to do that. Here are 4 steps to help sellers be successful.

1. Invest Your Time

Selling on Amazon takes a lot of time. Because Amazon is always changing, sellers have to quickly adapt to change to stay up-to-date and ahead of the game. Sellers also have to continually monitor and optimize their Amazon sales channel. You have to make changes as your customers and market change.

2. Create A Killer Product

You can optimize your product listing without seeing any sales. You need a product that solves your customers’ problems at an unbeatable price. Clearly communicate these 2 points to your customers in a way that resonates with them.

Consider the following questions:

Is price the only differentiator between you and your competitors?

If so, you have a problem and your product will likely drown in the competition. However, you can try bundling your item into a multipack or adding in a “free gift” to your offer. Additionally, you can improve the design. Even if there isn’t much to differentiate yourself from a functional standpoint, you can always make a better-looking product than your competitors.

Do you solve a problem (big or small) that your customers may have?

If so, do you clearly communicate that in your Amazon images and content? If not, find out what else your customers wish your product or brand offered and make those improvements.

Here are some ideas:

  • Look at the negative reviews of your product and your competitors’ listings. Then address the problems you find.
  • Send out a quick survey to your email list asking them for feedback on your product.
  • Improve how you highlight the competitive advantages you do have and how your product improves your customers’ lives through product infographics, improved content, or optimized Enhanced Brand Content.

3. Build an Audience

Brands that do 6 and 7 figures on Amazon and sustain those types of sales numbers have an audience of customers and potential customers that can be tapped into. If you don’t have an audience, build one now. If you do have an audience and you aren’t leveraging that to increase sales on Amazon, start today!

If you’re thinking this strategy is crazy and wondering why you would send traffic to a less profitable channel like Amazon versus your own website, consider the equation below:

Traffic Amazon generates + Outrageously High Amazon Conversion Rates + Audience of Warm to Hot Potential Customers = 6 or 7 Figure Amazon Sales Channel

Here’s an explanation:

Driving warm traffic from an email list to an Amazon exclusive discount will spike sales and improve organic ranking in just a matter of days, placing you ahead of the competition for potential customers searching for a product like yours on Amazon.

You will convert these browsers into buyers at much higher rates than on your own site. That means you’ll improve the continuous cycle of increasing sales and boosting your organic rank on Amazon.

Amazon isn’t a secret anymore. If your customers aren’t starting their product search on Amazon, the majority will end up looking at Amazon to compare prices of the same or similar products. You’re going to have customers who stop buying from your site and start purchasing your product on Amazon, resulting in Amazon sales. Leverage your list every few months to increase sales on Amazon and boost your organic rankings.

And if you aren’t sure how to build an audience, here are some simple steps:

  • Build an email list.
  • Create a Facebook page pertaining to your market. For example, if you sell dog collars, create a Facebook page or community about dogs where you and other dog owners can share fun things they do with their dogs, products they like, training tips, etc.
  • Use influencers to promote your product.
  • Bring on a brand ambassador that has a massive following in your market. Negotiate compensation they get for becoming the “face” of your company.

4. Build a Brand

Building a brand is important because consumers trust brands. Solidify your message to create trust and increase your products perceived value. Do this on Amazon through targeted lifestyle images, infographics, and Enhanced Brand Content.

How to build your brand:

  • Research target audience and competitors.
  • Apply focus and personality.
  • Choose a name and write a slogan.
  • Determine the look of your brand (colors, fonts, etc.) and create a logo.
  • Apply branding across your business and be willing to adapt along the way.

For more information about finding Amazon success, check out Nozani.com and the other blog posts listed there.

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