Tips to Optimize Amazon Keywords

By Buy Box Experts on May 2, 2018

For any Amazon seller, keyword searchability should be a top priority. With new companies and products entering the platform each day, sellers always need to refine their keyword strategy to stay competitive.

Keyword searchability refers to a customer’s ability to find a particular product or brand through organic searches. Sellers with a higher rate of keyword searchability attract a greater volume of relevant consumer traffic, often resulting in increased sales.

Here are some tips for sellers to optimize their keyword searchability on Amazon.

Keyword Research

When conducting keyword research, it’s not enough to simply compile a list of words. The relevancy of a seller’s keywords can have a direct correlation on their sales conversion and ultimately on the sales rank.

Compiling a list of relevant keywords for a single product is a process that can take time to complete. Because it is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor, many sellers neglect to conduct adequate keyword research for their products. However, eliminating keyword research or not dedicating enough time to it is not a wise business practice if you want to succeed in the Amazon sphere. Without relevant keywords to bid on, your product will lack visibility and won’t garner enough sales to turn a profit.

By accumulating a list of relevant keywords and calculating their Monthly Search Volume (MSV) you can bid on keywords or phrases with greater confidence.

Keyword Integration

After sellers have conducted keyword research and established their bidding budget, integrating relevant keywords into content is the next step towards optimal searchability. Keyword integration must be treated as a highly strategic process, as placement within the content is often overlooked.

When considering keyword placement, sellers should try to integrate as many high-value keywords into the title as possible. According to Amazon’s algorithm, the title is where keywords will be most prominent, and placing them there increases keywords’ ability to attract organic consumer traffic.

Keyword placement in the bullet point headings is also important; while they will not be as prominent as keywords in the title, they still play a vital role in searchability. Integrating keywords into the bullet point headings and the bullets themselves allows you to use keywords that don’t fit in the title but can still be valuable in driving consumers to your listings.

While it may seem like a good idea to include keywords in the description, the Amazon algorithm does not typically index keywords included there. Sellers ought to focus primarily on saturating the title and bullet points with keywords or phrases.

Long-Term Payoff

Although strategic keyword research and integration is a time-consuming process, the long-term benefits of creating fully optimized content are immeasurable. Sellers who give proper attention to this vital aspect of Amazon business are much more likely to see an increase in conversion and sales.

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