Tips to Help Boost Amazon Affiliate Revenue

By Buy Box Experts on April 10, 2017

Amazon Associates was a trailblazer in the online affiliate marketing program. The Amazon Associates program was launched in 1996 and has since developed solutions to help website owners. Amazon sellers and web developers make money when they advertise used and new products from Amazon and its subsidiaries. When site owners and associate bloggers create links that lead customers to buy products from Amazon, they are paid referral fees.

With the online retail industry growing, you stand to benefit from increased Amazon sales. Joining Amazon Associates is free and easy, although it may not be available in some states.

Once you have signed up for the Amazon affiliate program, you can make the most of it by doing the following:

  • Use your influence to recommend products that you love – If you blog, you have the power to influence people. They will want to know your preference when it comes to a product category. When your readers purchase the product you recommended and give feedback about their satisfaction, more readers will be convinced of your authority and will give your future recommendations more credence.
  • Think of product links as a place where readers can get more information – Amazon has evolved from a simple online store to a full-fledged resource center. When you recommend a product, you can link directly to the Amazon product page instead of linking to the company website.
  • Use affiliate links organically in your lifestyle content – Products naturally come up in the course of conversation. When you make your lifestyle posts, it will feel authentic to mention the products that you use the most. Even if you don’t link to those products, your readers will be inspired to seek them out online.
  • Consider creating affiliate-focused content – This is a sure way of generating affiliate income. During the gifting season, you can give your readers a gift list to guide them, but your real purpose is for them to click through.
  • Link to a broad range of products – You can link to any kind of product you can think of, including those that are not likely to be purchased by your readers. When readers click your link, they will see other product listings that sell more on Amazon.
  • Listen to your readers – You can write your days away, but it is critical to take time to listen to your readers and find out what they want to hear from you.

Using an Amazon affiliate program in an intelligent way can help ensure enough referral fees to turn your blogging into a solid source of income.

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