The Secret to Finding High-Volume, Low-Competition Keywords on Amazon

By Buy Box Experts on May 30, 2018

Selecting the right keywords can be difficult. It’s important to identify high-volume keywords, but you also need to consider low-competition keywords. Finding the balance between volume and competition is part of success on Amazon. At Nozani, we identify these keywords for our clients, and we want to share this secret with you. Read on to find out how we conduct keyword research.

Start with Scope

When we conduct keyword research, we start by using Scope. This tool is great because you can download a plugin that shows up as a pop-up in the bottom right corner of Amazon, but you can also just go to their website.

First, we go to the current product listing. By clicking on the Scope pop-out in the corner, you can see details and history about that product listing. Information like the number of sellers, estimated daily sales, estimated revenue, keywords, and more is provided.

We focus on the keyword section, which displays tracked keywords that the product ranks for on the first 4 pages of Amazon results. The setting can be changed and customized to include particular keywords, but typically we just look at this set. If you add additional keywords, they will take 24 hours to appear.

Scope allows you to download the keyword list. The list will include all the data you need:

  • Keyword
  • ASIN
  • Score (according to Scope)
  • Search Volume (monthly)
  • CPC Low Bid
  • CPC High Bid
  • Estimated Sales (monthly)
  • Position
  • Product Name
  • Date of Last Refresh

Because the data includes a monthly search volume, you can automatically see high-volume search words. But what about low-competition?

This is where the process gets slightly more complicated. But we will walk you through it.

Generate New Keywords

Looking at the keywords that the product is already ranking for will give you a good idea of some keywords to put into the Scope Keyword Generator (on the website). Select keywords from the pop-out that are ranking well, have a relatively low high-end CPC bid, and that have a high search volume.

The generator will produce a list of related keywords along with Scope score, monthly search volume, low and high CPC bid, and the total number of products. This last piece of information is crucial to identify low-competition keywords, and it can be found only in the Keyword Generator.

We download this data in a CSV file. Our experts handpick the most relevant keywords with high search volumes. We typically put this list in an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet to keep track of it. We include the keyword, monthly search volume, estimated high CPC, and total products data.

Once the keywords are selected (between 150 and 500 keywords), we apply our special formula!

Our Secret Formula

To find the ideal keywords with high search volume and low competition, we divide the search volume by the number of products and then by the high CPC bid.

Here’s why.

If a keyword has high search volume but a large number of competing products, it might not be as easy to rank for compared to a keyword with a slightly lower volume but fewer competing products. There’s little use prioritizing keywords that are highly competitive.

Similarly, the CPC bid shows how much competition there is for a product. A high CPC bid indicates that there is a lot of competition for that keyword. The more competition, the higher the price. If there is less competition, the price will be lower.

However, you may end up with CPC bids of 0. Eliminate these keywords. Typically, they will be misspellings or search terms that people just aren’t searching for. By dividing the search volume by total products and the high CPC bid, you can find the keywords that are relevant and easy to rank for.

Once we have applied the formula, we prioritize the keywords with the highest score. A “high” score is relative to the product category. Some searches may just have high competition, resulting in potentially lower scores. Compare numbers in a case by case basis. The highest-scoring keywords are the ones we prioritize in the title and first 5 words of bullet points.

That’s our secret! We hope that it is as helpful to you as it is to us. There’s no set formula that will tell you with 100% accuracy what you need to do to perform well on Amazon; however, we have seen that this formula really does help us identify relevant keywords that our clients can rank for. If you have any questions, contact us at Nozani.

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