Software for Success: Five of the Top Software Tools for Amazon Sellers

By Buy Box Experts on August 23, 2018

When it comes to servicing an Amazon account, most sellers use supplemental software in order to get the most out of keyword research, market research and analysis, and navigating all the ins and outs of the Amazon algorithm for general account maintenance.

However, before you can use these software tools and services, you need to have an understanding of what’s out there and how you can best make it work for you.

While there are many options for e-commerce management software, our Amazon account experts here at Nozani have pinpointed a few services and sites that are particularly effective when it comes to managing and growing Amazon accounts:

Jump Send:

Jump Send is an excellent tool for attracting and retaining new consumers and increasing your monthly sales volume through targeted tactical product promotions. By using the features on Jump Send, the software will automatically run promotional giveaways with targeted keywords and post coupons on any relevant Amazon search, which helps to drive your organic sales and boosts the number of reviews left on your page due to increased consumer traffic. Jump Send simplifies this process by navigating the Amazon algorithm for you when it comes to promotional giveaways and e-coupon distribution, saving you time and effort that you can spend in other areas as you manage your growing online business.

Click here to check out JumpSend

Jungle Scout:

The Jungle Scout software helps sellers to identify smart choices on products to sell. Along with all the complicated processes in the Amazon algorithm, one of the key defining factors in sales success is what you’re selling; if you don’t have a good product or one that’s relevant in today’s market, you won’t see the sales volume you’re hoping for, regardless of what you do in the way of advertising, keyword research, and optimization. Jungle Scout lets you scan Amazon’s product catalog at a glance, so you can track product trends and see how your completion is faring in terms of sales volume and rank so you can remain competitive.

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One of the most vital aspects of attracting consumer traffic is keyword research and optimization. If you don’t have relevant keywords in your content, you will be less likely to pull on organic searches, which hurts not only your overall sales volume but your Amazon sales ranking. By conducting proper research, you can put yourself on the path to greater sales success. Merchant Words tracks current search trends from millions of online shoppers the world over to build the largest worldwide database of relevant keywords. This research gives you a more accurate vision of global trends and helps you identify which keywords would be most advantageous to include in your content in order to pull at the top of organic consumer searches.

Click here to check out MerchantWords

Scope by Seller Labs:

Scope is another great way to manage your keyword research and content optimization. Scope is a service provided by Seller Labs that is similar to Merchant Words in the fact that it pulls results from global research in order to provide lists of relevant keywords. Scope allows you to track the sales progress of individual products, so you can tailor your optimized keywords to represent specific products for greater accuracy and better sales rank. This also allows you to conduct competitive analysis between products and your competing sellers. By being more aware of what your competition is doing, you are in a better position to be competitive and land one of the coveted spots on the first Amazon search page.

Click here to check out Scope by Seller Labs


A vital aspect of maintaining your customer base is to reach out to your customers to follow up on their purchase. This helps to establish consumer loyalty and increases your chances of getting repeat purchases and generating organic reviews. With Overgrowth, you can view your Seller Central analytics and create an email follow-up platform based on that data. By cutting down on the time it takes to write and send out emails and distribute coupon codes to your customers, you can spend much more time on other aspects of your business management.

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These software tools and services can make the difference between a stagnant business progression and a vibrant, growing one. To learn more about these and other tools/methods of Amazon account growth and health, visit our website at and keep an eye out for more of our preferred software programs and services.

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