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September is self-improvement month. People try to up their game emotionally and physically to become more productive members of the community. Online business owners often extend their self-improvement efforts to their professional life. They want to upgrade their business to maximize their online selling potential.

Entrepreneurs who sell products on Amazon will be able to enhance their skills by learning from the experiences of successful Amazon sellers. Various blogs and articles can help educate online entrepreneurs about proper techniques to sell products on Amazon.

The following blogs are highly recommended for online retailers:

  • Web Retailer – This e-commerce blog started more than 13 years ago. With humble beginnings as a product review website, Web Retailer is now one of the most respected e-commerce sites around.
  • PROSPER Show – Dedicated to continuing e-commerce education, PROSPER Show is a conference for Amazon sellers. Throughout the year they regularly post tips, tricks, and other content to help Amazon sellers and internet retailers in general. Learn about Amazon product listing optimization, brand strategy, creating variation listings, and more.
  • Practical Commerce – This website is dedicated to helping internet retailers strategize to succeed online. Learn tips for maximizing conversions, SEO strategies, social media, and more.
  • E-commerceBytes – A classic blog sharing a wealth of up-to-date information about online commerce. They offer readers informative and helpful tips for selling on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Following the blogs of online Amazon sellers will enable start-up vendors to learn from the experiences of those who have succeeded in the industry. The blogs can help you avoid mistakes and learn things these moguls wish they would have known sooner.

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