How to Sell More Online for Father’s Day

By Buy Box Experts on June 9, 2017

Father’s Day is one of the only holidays in summer that spurs sales. Unlike other seasons of the year that have several commercial holidays, retailers often focus on Father’s Day to sustain sales in the summer months.

The following are some of the techniques that online retailers could adopt to ensure solid business on Father’s Day:

  • Exclusive offers – Create Father’s Day-inspired discounts in your email and social media campaigns. Provide a code that can be used to redeem the discount. Extend the offer not only to dads but also to grandfathers, stepfathers, and other father figures.
  • Send email reminders – Most shoppers wait until the last minute to do their shopping for Father’s Day gifts. Sending them email reminders to shop early and beat the rush could spur them to action. Include in your reminder a promotion code that will entitle them to hefty discounts.
  • Inspire your customers – On your website, feature a category for “Father’s Day Gift Suggestions.” Make sure that the products you are touting have relevance to the occasion. Include in your gift suggestions gift certificates for those dads who are tricky to buy for.
  • Offer package deals – Pair complimentary items with regular items and offer them as a package. This is just one way of making your gifts more attractive than the competition’s offerings.
  • Free gift-wrapping and gift messages – While picking out a gift is already a big challenge for many people, making the gift presentable to the recipient is another hurdle. Make buyers’ lives easy by offering free gift wrapping and/or a free message card. Shoppers may be more willing to buy your products because you are offering a solution to one of their problems; saving time.

By taking some extra measures, you can be ready to maximize Father’s Day sales and bolster your summer profits.

Buy Box Experts
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