How to Find the Right Target Audience when Selling on Amazon

By Buy Box Experts on December 18, 2019

Amazon can introduce your product to the world, but not everybody in the world wants to buy your product. So how do you get it in front of the people who want and need it? We asked experts in the industry to share their tips. Here’s what they had to say:

Ben Culpin

Ben Culpin

Ben Culpin is a content marketer for WakeupData, a data feed marketing company driven by its mission to help empower eCommerce businesses selling on channels like Google and Amazon. He specializes in creating valuable, actionable content, which will save online merchants time and money.

My primary recommendation for Amazon sellers to find the right audience would be the oldest trick in the book: taking a look at your competitors. Spend some time looking at the titles and descriptions your high-ranking competitors are using for their Amazon product listings. Note the keywords and product attributes they are highlighting in their copy, as well as the factors they purposefully aren’t including in their titles and bullet points.

Once you have an idea of the do’s and don’ts that your competitors are using to attract your audience, take a look at individual product reviews. Investigate if customers mention why they chose the product and what it was that made it stand out.

In short, collate as much valuable keyword info as possible from your competitors first and then begin implementing it into your Amazon product listings.

Rachel Johnson Greer
Rachel Johnson Greer
Rachel Johnson Greer is the founder and principal consultant at Cascadia Seller Solutions, an e-commerce marketing agency focused on growing brands using the Amazon channel. Since starting Cascadia in 2015, Rachel and her team have helped over 700 early-stage brands and founders selling on Amazon Marketplace in more than a dozen countries to grow sales of more than $10M so far, with dozens of actively managed brands.

The most critical element in finding the right target audience on Amazon is repelling the wrong one. When we’ve evaluated client accounts for profitability, one of the toughest challenges to conquer are high return rates due to attracting the wrong customer — and Amazon makes returns so easy!

This could be due to not including the exact sizing in a way that customers can understand intuitively – such as using feet and inches, versus just inches – or not having images that have colors that are true to life or that have props or human models that show the correct size.

Because Amazon attracts pretty much every type of customer to the platform, getting the wrong customers to leave your page can be just as important to profitability as getting the right target audience to click on and buy your product.

Jared Scott
Jared Scott
Jared Scott is an expert in Amazon listing optimization with the Effective Spend digital marketing team. With 5 years of experience working with Amazon, and as the host of the Effective on Amazon YouTube channel, Jared knows how to make sales.

Keywords: Amazon sellers need to research the relevant keywords for the products they are selling. There are plenty of tools available. I personally use MerchantWords. Pull the data and explore related keywords to identify trends and find new ways to reach customers. Once the keywords are found, sellers should incorporate them into their listings, specifically the titles.

Context: Sellers need to examine the context in which their products will be appearing. Amazon’s algorithm does a decent job figuring out the context of what people are buying when they search for specific terms so by exploring those search results, a seller can build their listing to perform well. Finding the organic best performers can be a great guide to optimizing your listing.

Noman Asghar

Noman Asghar is a Digital Marketing Executive at

Finding the right audience for Amazon is not an easy task because there is so much competition and so many people visiting Amazon daily.

Facebook marketing is the easiest and most effective way to find unique buyers every time, but it needs a good amount of money. You can visit Audience Insights and see what type of people are taking an interest in your product and retarget them

Amazon paid ads are a good way to rank and generate more sales. You have to know which product in your listing is already selling more or getting more views and clicks. Optimize your product title and description to appear organically in the search results. Promote those ASINs by choosing the most suitable keywords to show them on the top of the results page. Evaluate the results of your campaign and see which products come up with the right keywords. Remove negative keywords next time to maximize PPC expenditures.

After some experience, you will get a more effective audience for your products.

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