How to Fast-Track Your Brand’s Growth

By Buy Box Experts on May 18, 2018

Getting your e-commerce business off the ground can be time-consuming and difficult. As a business owner, you may spend long hours trying to figure out what your next step is toward growth. But don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you accelerate your business’s growth and put you on the fast track to success.

1. Sell on All E-commerce Platforms

To help your online brand grow, you need maximum visibility. It isn’t enough to list your products on just Amazon or eBay. To be successful, your brand needs to be on every (applicable) online platform. Integrating across all channels helps build brand consistency. Shoppers can recognize your brand on whatever shopping platform they choose.

Because integrating your business on all e-commerce channels is so important, Nozani has partnered with Listing Mirror, a company that has multichannel listing software to list products on different platforms. Their software copies current product listings and places them on other channels, making it easy to get listed on Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, Etsy, and other platforms. It can be time-consuming to list your products on different platforms, and Listing Mirror simplifies the process.

2. Utilize New Tools and Technology

As your business expands, it’s important to streamline your processes. New tools and technology can help you perform tasks more efficiently, and new processes are always being introduced. Look into analytics tools, email-marketing platforms, shipping and inventory tools, and more. As you grow, paying for valuable tools can make a huge difference in your profitability and scalability. But once you have a tool, don’t stop looking! Most likely, new tools will come out in the future that are better than the ones you currently use.

3. Be Transparent

Shoppers want transparency. They want to know who your business is and what it stands for. Being open, honest, and transparent with customers makes your business appear more trustworthy. Address negative reviews that customers leave on various sites. No business is perfect, but recognizing that you can improve and showing that you aren’t hiding anything will go a long way toward building a loyal customer base.

One way to be transparent is through providing order tracking. A major obstacle for customers is not knowing when their product will arrive. Shoppers want to monitor their order throughout the shipment process. If you don’t have it already, offer order tracking to become even more transparent. In addition to making consumers happy, order tracking can also get customers to return to your site more frequently, which will boost traffic.

4. Personalize Your Business

Generic brands just get lost in the crowd. In addition to using a consistent voice and messaging, be human! While you should show off your expertise, you need to be approachable. No one wants to feel like they are interacting with a robot. Having a human voice and personality makes you more relatable.

But that’s not enough. Create personalized user experiences across all e-commerce platforms. Site visitors want your brand to cater specifically to their individual needs and interests. Generate personalized promotions and content based on a shopper’s interests, product selection, and preferences. Creating a personalized brand that provides a different experience from competitors will help customers remember your company.

5. Publish Compelling Content

Publishing content that resonates with your audience is a great way to establish voice, optimize your site, and connect with your target audience. Use relevant keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions to optimize each piece for Google. Additionally, ask for opinions and open forums. This type of user-generated content helps your brand build a community of users. Publishing quality content on a frequent basis establishes your business as an industry expert, and you might even get a few links to your site.

6. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is another way to make your brand more personal. You can interact directly with your target audience and express your brand’s opinions. Depending on your industry, some social media platforms might be more relevant than others. Find out which social platforms your customers are on, and be active on those platforms! Start conversations, take polls, and share videos and pictures to show the different facets of your brand.

7. Partner with Other Companies

Getting started alone can be difficult. Partner with related companies to help grow your business. Partnering is often an easy and affordable way to grow, making it a great move for small businesses. Propose a cross promotion between your brands. To expand your client base, offer discounts to your partner company’s clients when they purchase your products, and get your partner company to do the same. And don’t just settle for one! It’s best to explore several business partnerships.

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