Conversion Through Amazon Photography

By Buy Box Experts on May 16, 2018

In today’s Amazon market, conversion from the initial click to sale is most often driven by the photography or infographic content in a listing, not the actual product description. Rather than taking the time to read through the content in a product listing, many consumers rely primarily on the visual pieces of a listing to make a purchasing decision.

Particularly for consumers on a mobile device, the photography and infographics are extremely important because these elements appear before any of the written content. In light of this tendency, special attention to Amazon photography should be a high priority for any Amazon seller.

As a part of their algorithm, Amazon has outlined several guidelines for listing photography that, when followed, boost a seller’s chances of success. Adhering to these guidelines not only makes a seller’s listings more appealing to potential customers but can help increase a listing’s Amazon rank.

A fully-optimized Amazon listing should include a high-resolution studio image of the product on a plain white background, 2 infographics, and a series of lifestyle images, with a dimensional image and a detail image as additional options.

Sellers should take advantage of each type of image to maximize conversions. Get more details about these images below.

Plain Studio Image

The main image on the listing should be a high-quality, high-resolution image of the product on a plain white background. A clear product shot gives a professional flair to the listing right from the get-go, making it a more attractive option to a potential customer scrolling through a large volume of listings.

Amazon has set clear guidelines for this first image. It must always be an image with a plain white background and should not include a logo. Failure to follow these and other guidelines may result in Amazon suppressing a particular listing.

Studio Detail Image

Studio detail images showcase a particular feature of the product that sets it apart from others in the market. This image could be used to point out a particular design element or to showcase the material. It can also be used to show the dimensions of the product in relation to other common household objects. The studio detail image should be on a plain white background, like the plain image.


Infographics act as a bridge between the visual aspects of a listing and the written content. The first infographic should highlight particular features of the product, while the second should focus more on the various uses, outlining for the potential customer how they could integrate this product into their daily life.

Infographics should be simple and easy to understand. Crowded or overly complicated infographics will just get overlooked and won’t do anything to attract customers and drive new sales.  

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle images work hand in hand with the infographics to give customers a clear picture of how a particular product would fit into or impact their life. If a consumer can form a visual idea of how they would use the product or how it would fit into or impact their life, they are much more likely to purchase the product compared to a product that does not include lifestyle images.

Lifestyle images allow for more freedom and creativity to highlight what your product can do. Take advantage of this type of photo, especially to highlight product features and uses.

While getting photography and infographics online for your Amazon listing may seem like a fairly straightforward process, the process of finding a professional studio, photographers, and graphic designers with the necessary knowledge and experience is no small task. Nozani’s Photography Team and Design Team are here to help. Learn more about Nozani’s full Amazon photography and design services.

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