Conversion Checklist

By Buy Box Experts on February 13, 2018

The name of the conversion game is turning searchers into payers. This is done by ranking high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), polishing the detail page, and advertising the right way.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP): Get the Click

When a product appears on a SERP, it must compete for the click that will take a customer to a detail page. At this stage, customers primarily judge products relative to each other. Furthermore, only the first few results even get a chance to be part of the comparison. On mobile, most customers won’t scroll past the 6th search result out of only 17 that display on the first page. With such a narrow margin of error, quality competitor research can make or break a product’s success.

There are two ways to be a top result: sponsoring and ranking. Sponsored products pay to be on top. Ranked products, on the other hand, organically display as a top result based certain variables. Amazon ranks products by determining which are more likely to be what the customer wants. The strongest factors are the following:

Price point- Does the customer want the lowest price or the highest quality?

Image- Does the image show what the customer wants the product to look like?

Reviews- Does the product have more reviews than other options with an overall 4.5 star rating?

Title– Does the title reflect the specific features the customer wants?

Prime- Does the customer only want to order a Prime product or are they not a member?

Coupon- Does the customer have a coupon for your product?

Tags- Does the product have an Amazon’s Choice or Best Seller tag?

Product Detail Page: Get the Sale

A product’s detail page has mere seconds to impress a customer until they move on to the next product. Since Amazon individually feeds each variable to the customer on mobile, it’s important to prioritize detail-page improvement as follows:

Studio images- Do the images answer the customer’s top questions?

Lifestyle images- Does the customer see themselves using and enjoying the product?

Infographics- Do the graphics persuade the customer to buy or read more?

Video- Does the video add to the customer’s perception of the brand?

Promotions- Is there a special deal? (Also helps with sales rank)

Variations- Does the customer have options? (Also helps with sales rank)

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)- Does the brand look official and trustworthy?

Bullet points and description-  Can the customer find the specific information they want?

Customer questions–  Will the product work for the customer?

“Shipped and sold by Amazon”- Is the delivery reliable?

Advertising: Get the Direct Click to Sale

Too much goes into advertising to cover entirely under conversion. In relation to conversion specifically, advertising is important because when clicked on, an ad takes the customer straight to the detail page of the product advertised, skipping the competitors’ offers.

Ads are integrated into the daily lives of the customer, such as on social media. So, an ad is more approachable if it looks less like an ad and more like an eye-catching photo of someone the customer wants to live like. Then, when they discover it’s an ad, they are pleased to know that they can click and have the product for themselves. When they reach the detail page, the customer is ready to be won over.

As listed above, Amazon sellers have many opportunities to make the best listings possible. What separates the winners from the losers lies in understanding what tools are available and which ones are the most powerful.

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