Client Feature: Crazy Compression

By Buy Box Experts on August 23, 2017

We had the opportunity to interview one of our clients and we are excited to share it with you!

Crazy Compression is a branch off from The Sock Factory. A company owned business since 1975, this is a business with pride in their product and customer satisfaction.

In 2012, after working years in the business, Nate (the owner of Crazy Compression) noticed that people only got black, tan or nude colored compression socks from their doctors. He recognized the market for variety. By 2014, Nate had launched Crazy Compression offering an array of colors, patterns, and styles to the everyday consumer.

It was from that idea, “Compression for everyone”, that Nate built his business. Crazy Compression is targeted for those working as nurses, doctors or any other capacity. The styles also offer options to athletes and average Joe’s. The science behind the compression is simple: more bloodflow for less soreness and pain. Truly anybody can benefit from compression. Nate himself wears them anytime he goes on an airplane!

Crazy Compression is unique for many reasons but especially because the owner himself personally designs the patterns, colors and styles. They have over 300+ designs. With such a social media driven company, it helps to have the man in command following the trends! Crazy Compression always stays true to quality and the newest, on-trend designs.

Crazy Compression currently has 5 employees and The Sock Factory has 50+. The factory was started in the 1940’s in the Furniture Capital of the World. It has been a family business since its start of pairing and folding socks in the living room. Nate speaks of cousins, siblings, great uncles, and many other family members who have all taken part of the business.

Nate has 10+ years of experience in marketing and design. He has said that the best piece of advice he could give to someone looking to start a business would be persistence. Being able to outsource Amazon has been helpful to him as well. Nate “wanted an established company who would work as an Amazon employee”. Working with our Amazon experts, Crazy Compression has been able to launch it’s Amazon accessibility.

So, why buy Crazy Compression when faced with many different options for compression? For one, they are the factory. Many other company’s manufacturers are in a different country where they get cheaper labor, but also sacrifice control over the quality. Being their own manufacturer and having every step of the product process under one roof, Crazy Compression can promise quality product. Running out of one factory enables Nate to design countless new styles and manufacture them quickly.

Nate stresses the importance of having quality product at a good price. First, a good quality product will almost always lead to a returned customer. Another great perk of being your own factory? Being able to sell at manufacturer’s price. Crazy Compression makes $50 socks but sell them for $20-$30.

As if we weren’t already on Amazon adding a couple pairs to our carts, Nate let us in on a little sneak peek. The future of Crazy Compression is looking at new designs (of course) and they will soon be using post-consumer recycled materials!

So, do yourself and the environment a favor and go buy some Crazy Compression! And don’t forget to follow their social media accounts!

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