Amazon Launches the New Brand Registry Program

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One of Amazon’s most valuable tools for sellers, Brand Registry, received a welcome refresh this week as the company unveiled the updated version.

For sellers that produce their own goods, Brand Registry helps them protect their brand by minimizing counterfeit Amazon products from introducing into Amazon’s marketplace. Here are some of the gaps that the previous version of Brand Registry had that the new program aims to fill.

  • complaints of counterfeit can now be filed across all Amazon-owned marketplaces
  • a respectable sized US-based staff of 300 manage complaints for prompt resolution
  • infringement claims are addressed within four hours
  • sellers now have the burden of proving they’re not in violation when a claim is filed against them
  • test buys are no longer required to file a claim
  • sellers can identify counterfeit Amazon seller info:
    • product listing condition
    • landed price
    • ship-from location
    • display name
    • legally identifiable information for counterfeit or trademark claims

In addition to tools intended to protect brands, Amazon’s new Brand Registry also offers features to support brand growth. Whitelisting is now an option to allow approved sellers to list goods, too.

As the new version of Brand Registry tests the waters, there are some items that you must provide to protect your brand, including:

  • name
  • email
  • rights owner
  • rights asserted
  • ASIN or other identifiable product number
  • a statement attesting as being authorized to act on behalf of the rights owner.

When you create your Brand Registry account, you have the option of using an existing Seller Central login or you can make a new one with a generic email. Functionality wise, it doesn’t matter your preference. However, from a protective perspective, if you ever have to submit a claim your information will be shared with the party that you are filing a complaint against. Therefore, using a generic or brand protection email is a wise consideration.

For more information on the announcement of Amazon’s New Brand Registry, see Buy Box Experts press release here.

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