Amazon Ad Strategies that Actually Work

By Buy Box Experts on December 19, 2018

Optimizing your Amazon PPC campaign can be difficult and expensive. However, one way sellers can feel confident in their PPC strategy is by identifying their key goals and implementing proven strategies to reach them.

We put together 5 goals to build a profitable Advertising Campaign on Amazon.

Goal 1: Develop a Keyword List

Assemble a list of as many relevant keywords that you can for your product. We like to use a variety of keyword tools available for Amazon sellers. Research keywords from as many sources as possible. Focus on long tail keywords and search volume.

Be as broad as you can to have a comprehensive list to test from. Make sure you use a lot of variations for your keyword list.

Goal 2: Set up Structure

Your campaign structure is key to being able to manage your account efficiently. Your campaigns and ad groups should be focused. Campaigns can be broken out by product and ad groups can be grouped by similar keywords groups. For example, your product may be Coconut Oil. This will be your campaign. However, coconut oil could have several different uses. You can have one ad group focused on coconut oil for hair, another for skin, and another for cooking.

This allows for easy management of your focus and how to advertise to the different uses of your product.

Goal 3: Manage Efficiency

One of the main factors for managing efficiency is with ACOS (average cost of Sale). This is determined by dividing the advertising costs by sales.

We start by setting a competitive bid for each ad group. This will allow us to see a true value of keywords that are converting and a base ACOS value. We will also remove non-converting keywords from our ad groups.

At the same time, we are adding sales velocity to your products, which will help with organic rankings as long as you have an optimized listing (see below) and at least 15–20 positive reviews.

Now we play the game of what is an appropriate ACOS. We want it to be as low as possible but still drive an appropriate amount of sales. You do this by managing the bid for each keyword.  Make it too low and your sales will drop. If you leave it too high, you are losing profit.

Managing the bids is something that should be managed weekly as competition will affect your ACOS as well as your sales volume.

Goal 4: Boost Conversions and Organic Traffic

Listing Audit

To ensure that your ads are converting into sales is to focus on the element of your ads that actually converts: your product listing.

You need to have these four things optimized: title, bulleted description, photos, and infographics. For mobile shoppers, photos and infographics are especially key elements.

Use keywords that are converting from your ad campaign in your title and description to help drive converting organic traffic to your listing.

Goal 5: Improve Existing Campaigns

Keyword Audit

Conduct an audit of your PPC campaign to make sure you are bidding on relevant keywords and that you have negative keywords in place for broader search terms. Remove keywords that historically have not converted. There’s no point in hanging onto that dead weight. Consider adjusting your keyword bids to focus on keywords that have a good conversion rate.

Ensure that you are bidding on different types of keywords. It’s not effective to bid on just broad match keywords or just exact match. A good variation of all types of keywords, especially long tail keywords, can help you increase your conversion rate.

With these goals in mind, you can successfully dominate Amazon. For more suggestions on optimizing your ads campaign and listing, contact the experts at Nozani.


About the Author: Alyssa Ball has been working in digital marketing for several years. She graduated from Brigham Young University with her degree in English linguistics and is currently pursuing an MBA. Alyssa’s position as a content writer and keyword strategist at Nozani has allowed her to master both Google and Amazon SEO

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