4 Reasons Your Business Needs Nozani

By Buy Box Experts on January 6, 2017

You don’t need to be a business guru to know that the world of e-commerce is the future of all consumer spending. With the growing accessibility and ability of technology, consumers now have the opportunity to make purchases anytime, anywhere. A company that isn’t putting resources into their e-commerce is a company with an expiration date. No matter the stage you’re at, bringing your brand and product online is key to the health and security of your business.

Nozani has based their business model on amazon.com, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. We also have expertise in many other popular marketplaces. If you have a product to sell, consult with Nozani to access our e-commerce success model.

It’s critical to take your business online, and here’s why:


First, the accessibility of online marketplaces has greatly increased with smartphones and wireless internet. Consumers can access internet virtually anywhere they go. With wireless data, people have access to the marketplace in the palm of their hand.

Speedy Sales

Next, phone and tablet applications have made online shopping effortlessly simple for consumers. For example, Amazon has introduced their “One-Click” feature this past year. Any account holder can simply find a product and click one button to purchase it with their pre-set preferences.


Online marketplaces appeal to all ages. From grandparents to children, everyone wants to benefit from the convenience of online shopping. With technology being available to people of virtually all incomes, there isn’t a household lacking some form of smart device or computer. Amazon especially appeals to all ages because of its vast inventory. Virtually everything is available on amazon.com.

Growth Projection

Finally, from 2013-2017, there are a total of 121.7 million mobile buyers. A vast majority of those purchases take place on the Amazon App. This doesn’t even include other buyers using computers and tablets! The potential for buyers is only growing each year as accessibility advances.

Now is the time to act and get your brand and product in the biggest marketplace. The Nozani Amazon model is the best way to success when it comes to e-commerce. The online marketplace growing each year, and Amazon sellers’ success along with it. Our experts can help you through the process of selling your products on Amazon. Let us invest in you today!

Buy Box Experts
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