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Pro Tips to Increase Margins on Amazon

10 AM – September 8, 2020

(10am PST/ 1pm ET )

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You’ll learn

What Drives Margins

Discover what components affect margins on Amazon.

Which Metrics Affect Margins 

Find out what metrics you need to be measuring to effectively keep track of your margins.

How To Adapt to Changing Margins

Learn what changes you need to make when your margins unexpectedly decline.

Amazon Experts


Joseph Hansen

Joseph Hansen is the Founder of Buy Box Experts. He’s helped hundreds of brands create effective Amazon strategies to protect
intellectual property, develop best-in-class branding, and utilize data-driven advertising. He’s also a co-founder of Prosper Show,
the largest Amazon Seller Conference in the U.S., and co-author of The Amazon Marketplace Dilemma. Joseph is a serial
entrepreneur having built and sold five businesses in the last 10 years.

Greg Mercer

Greg Mercer is the Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. Greg is a leader in
the Amazon selling community, who built Jungle Scout from a Chrome extension into a robust suite of SaaS solutions. Greg is
a graduate of Auburn University who loves big data, coffee, and traveling the world with his wife, Elizabeth.