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How To Fight Back Against Counterfeit Sellers on Amazon

10 AM – July 21, 2020

(10am Pacific / 1pm ET )

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Counterfeit products pose numerous problems for Amazon sellers: they generate negative reviews, steal the buy box, and create unsatisfied customers. Plus, they bring down customer opinion of an otherwise exceptional product. Don’t let counterfeits piggyback off your success and tank your rating any longer. Learn how to get the upper hand against them on Amazon in this exclusive webinar. Remove bogus products from your listing once and for all!

Protect All Fronts:

Business & Customer Service

Randy Hetrick, founder of TRX, has been there before as counterfeits tried to imitate his high-quality suspension training equipment. This led to poor reviews and unsatisfied customers. Learn how he went on the defense and protected his brand from future counterfeits.

Amazon Policy

James Thomson and Chris McCabe are elite Amazon experts and have helped numerous clients fight counterfeits. They’ll share their unbeatable tested strategies in this exclusive webinar.

Law & Legality 

Rich Goldstein is a renowned attorney who specializes in helping Amazon sellers protect their brands and products from counterfeits. Go on the offense and learn legal practices you can implement to stave off counterfeits.

Game-changing information guaranteed to give you the advantage 

Win the buy box and remove counterfeit sellers from your listing for good.

Let the experts show you how to kick counterfeits to the curb.

James Thomson, Partner, Buy Box Experts

James Thomson is a partner at Buy Box Experts, a managed services agency supporting brands selling online. Earlier, he served as the business head of Amazon Services, the division of Amazon responsible for recruiting tens of thousands of sellers annually to the Amazon marketplace. In 2015, James co-founded the PROSPER Show, a continuing education conference for large Amazon sellers, and in 2020, he co-authored the book “Controlling Your Brand in the Age of Amazon”, designed for brand executives struggling to handle critical channel management issues caused by pressures from the Amazon marketplace.    

Randy Hetrick, Founder & Co-Chairman of TRX

Randy Hetrick is the Founder & Co-Chairman of TRX, one of the world’s leading brands in health & fitness. Prior to founding TRX, Randy spent 14 years as a commando in the US Navy SEAL Teams, with an operational career that culminated as a Squadron Commander of the SEALs’ elite special missions unit. Subsequent to his service as a SEAL, he earned an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Randy’s formal entrepreneurial career began in his garage, transforming the crude invention of necessity he had created in the field, into the TRX Suspension Trainer that we all know, love, and use today. In addition to his role as Co-Chairman of TRX, Randy is also an investor & advisor to early-stage businesses; is a speaker to organizations around the world, and a regular lecturer on leadership & entrepreneurship at his alma maters (USC & Stanford); and is working on his first book, a survival guide for entrepreneurs.


Rich Goldstein, US Patent Attorney at Goldstein Patent Law

Rich Goldstein is a U.S. patent attorney that works with Amazon Sellers to develop strategies to protect their brands and innovative products, and grow their businesses with IP. Since founding his firm, Goldstein Patent Law more than 25 years ago, he has obtained more than 2000 patents for his clients. Rich is the author of the American Bar Association’s Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent.

Chris McCabe, Former Amazon Insider; Founder of ecommerceChris

Former Amazonian Chris McCabe helps sellers communicate with Amazon to protect (and save) their businesses. EcommerceChris was the first company founded by a former Amazonian designed specifically to help suspended marketplace sellers. Chris teaches sellers how to think like Amazon, protect their accounts, and appeal listing restrictions and suspensions. He provides expert advice that helps to inform and clarify important decisions around Amazon investments by those who sell through the site and other interested parties.



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Ecomonic Industry Leaders

Amazon Experts


Learn exactly what you need to do to remove and prevent counterfeit sellers on Amazon.