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How to Sell on Amazon Without Disrupting Your Existing
Brick-and-Mortar Channels

10 AM – August 21, 2020 (10am PST/ 1pm EST )

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Expanding into online marketplaces from brick-and-mortar stores opens a wealth of opportunities for a brand: it raises brand awareness, increases audience reach, and boosts sales. However, it can be a headache if it’s not implemented with finesse and care. 

Don’t sabotage relationships with brick-and-mortar retailers for the sake of selling online. Instead, join us on August 21 for latest webinar “How to Sell on Amazon Without Disrupting Your Existing Brick-and-Mortar Channels.We’ll discuss how to navigate difficult conversations and reach peaceful agreements with your distributors as you expand into e-commerce.


You’ll Learn How To:

Improve Communication and Build Trust with Your Distributors

Learn how to establish a mutual relationship built on trust and respect with your partners. No backbiting or hard feelings here.

Effectively Manage All Your Channels

Take complete control of your brand, whether it’s on Amazon or through a brick-and-mortar chain.

Succeed Both Online and Offline

Learn brand-building techniques that can be applied to both e-commerce and traditional retailing.

Hear from Experts on Channel Governance and Management

James Thomson

James Thomson is a partner at Buy Box Experts, a managed services agency supporting brands selling online. Earlier, he served as the business head of Amazon Services, the division of Amazon responsible for recruiting tens of thousands of sellers annually to the Amazon marketplace. In 2015, James co-founded the PROSPER Show, a continuing education conference for large Amazon sellers, and in 2020, he co-authored the book “Controlling Your Brand in the Age of Amazon”, designed for brand executives struggling to handle critical channel management issues caused by pressures from the Amazon marketplace.

Denise Zmuda

Denise Zmuda is a strategy and client success expert on the Vorys eControl team who specializes in developing a wide range of channel management strategies, for which she has more than 20 years of experience in the U.S. and across the globe. In her role with Vorys eControl, Denise assists clients in a variety of critical areas, including quantifying the financial impact of uncontrolled online sales, counseling on the enhancement of channel management efforts, and helping organizations to evolve their distribution and related strategies. Prior to joining Vorys, she instituted programs to control online sales, developed channel programs, pricing and promotional strategies, and structured sales incentives at a leading technology manufacturer.

Keep the peace AND triumph across all channels

Maintain investments and improve rapport with brick-and-mortar retailers while selling on Amazon