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Vitalii KhyzhniakVitalii Khyzhniak is the Chief Growth Officer at Profit Whales, a PPC automation tool that provides better data insights and saves you time while managing Amazon advertisements. At Profit Whales, Vitalii provides tailor-made marketing strategies and services for brands and enterprises, and also helps scale 7-figure and 8-figure Amazon sellers. He holds a master’s degree in Enterprise Economics from Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The story behind the name of the company Profit Whales
  • Vitalii Khyzhniak talks about the company’s global mission, its software, and its target users
  • How Profit Whales stays on top of the shifting changes of each online platform
  • Where does Profit Whales get big data for its software?
  • Vitalii explains how users can self-diagnose a keyword or advertising problem using their Profit Whales account
  • The amount of human interaction and ad spend that the tool requires during setup
  • The problems that Profit Whales solves with AI, and how the software helps with optimization
  • Vitalii’s advice on growing a life-changing business
  • How to get in touch Vitalii Khyzhniak and where to learn more about Profit Whales

In this episode…

To build and grow a brand on Amazon or any other e-commerce platform, many sellers are forced to set aside both time and money for advertising. That’s because promoting and optimizing your products is crucial for generating leads and driving sales.

But what if you had a software or tool that could automate the various steps involved with the advertising process, saving you time, money, and stress? This is the idea behind Profit Whales, a software that helps e-commerce brands build and manage their ads with just one click.

In this episode of the Buy Box Experts podcast, join Eric Stopper and Vitalii Khyzhniak, the Chief Growth Officer at Profit Whales, as they talk about how the Profit Whales software helps brands better manage their online advertising. Vitalii discusses the global mission behind the company, how the advertising software works, and why his team decided to invest in artificial intelligence. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:09  

Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast we bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world.

Eric Stopper  0:18  

Hey and welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast. This is Eric Stopper. Today’s episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts takes ambitious brands and makes them unbeatable. We’ve got a team of consultants and we are slammed it is a good time to be an Amazon but please go to click on the free analysis button you’ll be connected with me or a member of my team and we would love to tell you where you’re where you’re doing well and where you need some improvement. I will be delighted to talk with you. Today we’re joined by Vitalii Khyzhniak of Profit Whales, a PPC automation tool that is meant to provide better data insights and save you time while managing Amazon average. enthusiasts, Profit Whales have a very simple core philosophy that Amazon is changing, and they’re going to adapt. They don’t want to wait for someone to create the software for them. They’re going to build it themselves. So as Amazon changes their algorithms, they’re going to optimize their software and promotion methods, while everyone else is just hoping that those changes are not going to affect them. We’ve got lots of things to talk about. I’m really excited to bring him on the show. Vitalii. Welcome to the show.

Vitalii Khyzhniak  1:26  

Hello, Eric. Thank you. Nice to meet you.

Eric Stopper  1:29  

And so let’s let’s just start off with the name of the company. I usually don’t start with that. But Profit Whales is an interesting name. I think that it brings some very vivid imagery to the forefront of your mind. And on the website, it says, We want you to be a whale. With our help, sharks will eat all the margins in the market. Tell me a little bit about that.

Vitalii Khyzhniak  1:56  

You know, like the main idea of our like, name began from the like the main ideas for the Amazon sellers once and when assembling most of the Amazon sellers, they are looking into the profit. And it’s like really cool when they try to think in a kind of business. Yeah, then Amazon business and be focusing on the profits. And that’s why we understand that hey, how to combine because like a lot of like the, for example like millionaires just every time like or the people who just work with a business they just speak like in this language Yeah, you know, just charts around like the ocean and the Google Earth and Winston. Okay, but like the biggest, like the fish that we could find out in the ocean or any seas, like they will be a whale. And it’s really cool, because when you are big and you have a really good plan of actions and the ideas how to reach your goals, you can do it and just look at it. Yeah, it’s really cool. And also like the main idea of our name, it’s not like to help like the biggest brands and like all people around in the Amazon, it’s also the kind of to support whales in the real world because we will pay like a 5% of the commission to like just save the, like our worldwide ocean and just to help whales around the world. So,

Eric Stopper  3:18  

yeah. So there is a philanthropic aspect to working with you guys. If I work with you, I will save whales.

Vitalii Khyzhniak  3:26  

We weren’t like, you know, relief in the 21st century is it’s really good when you have some cooperation like inspiration.

Eric Stopper  3:34  

Yeah, mission. Right.

Vitalii Khyzhniak  3:37  

Yeah. Global Mission. And, like the biggest companies like you could just to double check it right now. Yeah. It’s like the house with these current times and I like to combine it. It’s really cool when the businesses help. Yeah, that’s right. He

Eric Stopper  3:49  

has like we’re in Webster, okay. We would be great to get our mission in this way. And you could see these like missions in our name. And I mean, since you guys That contribution, that charitable contribution off of commissions and sales, if you do, if you do better, right, if you spend more and you grow your brand you’ll be you’ll be helping more meant more whales just automatic. So you have a moral responsibility to spend more and do better on Amazon because you will save more animals.

Vitalii Khyzhniak  4:23  

Exactly. Like we you know, with our the software and like everything that we do, and I kind of like the marketing and like the research and when we started working with the clients when the 10 that we helped them to grow like in a case of like the results because all the businesses and they just try to feel like this like freedom, the happiness Yes, it’s like the really cool things and like feelings, and we just find out that Whoa, there is really cool when people just get it and then they just inspire it like with our global mission and we understand that yes, when we will reach like these goals that we have like for right now. Like one Last year, for example, yeah, like in a case I’ll take the revenue in our company, of course, we would be glad to also share it and share it with any kind of helping whales or something like that. Yeah,

Eric Stopper  5:10  

Yeah, that makes sense. It makes sense. Now, the mission of Profit Whales as a company, right. And I thought this was one of the compelling things. Our mission is to create advertising across all platforms. In just one click, just imagine you’ll be able to set up and launch advertising for your business in a few seconds. Tell me all about that. What did I spend? I spend lots of time clicking way more than one click. So how do you tell me about the software? How does it work? Who’s it for?

Vitalii Khyzhniak  5:48  

We started like three years ago. Yeah. And we started it kind of like the agency. And we start working like with the seven and eight figures on the Amazon, in a case of like, the understanding of the Amazon algorithms and how correctly to start working and be swayed. Yeah, how just to reach like the better positions, or decrease the ad costs or something like that just to reach clients goals. And in this way, we understand that the BBC structure is like the fundamentals that you should have. And we spend a lot of time like tons of time for creating a good class, PPC structure for our clients. Yeah. And after that, we started optimization. And the optimization also takes a lot of time. And we when we just started working this way, we understand that we’re not like kind of the lazy people, but we would like to automate these processes because we understand like when you have a good PPC structure to automate and work in a kind of like the optimization, it will be much easier when you will do it like with the help of the software, for example, and then we understand that it will be really much easier and much faster for you just to not spend like a ton of time Yeah, but If the all these campaigns that we just create the PPC structure will be added to your like automatically to your account. And after that, we’ll start the optimization for you. So our main idea for the next five years is to connect and start with Amazon, whenever we’ll just upload our like next to the zero to hero into monsters, when you will have a chance to log in and get a good PPC structure into your account for each project you’ll choose.

Eric Stopper  7:28  

Which so you’re talking about projects as channels, right? So if I want to advertise in Walmart, and eBay and Amazon and Jane, for example, that’s what you’re saying is that I’m gonna you’re trying to democratize, you’re kind of like, I hate to say this, but it’s like channeladvisor for why or like big commerce For you see, kind of it’s kind of it’s Yeah, where you can just build the PPC structure. What my question is how, how are you going to deal with all the nuances of each of the platforms? And the fact that they’re always shifting slightly, like Amazon has added probably 10 new tools this past year to their advertising platform. How do you stay on top of all those shifting changes, and all of the shifting changes and all the other platforms,

Vitalii Khyzhniak  8:14  

you know, of course, the human resource. So for each of these, like platforms, and all these conditions that we have, like the old algorithms for making us clear, in this way helps our specialists. So we have a big team in case of like the analytical and marketing and developers who just go into the each platform, get all the data that we need, and understand how we could build like such tools and upgrade them in a cave in a case of like today’s and like tomorrow’s changes that we will see on the world and how it should work like correctly. And that’s why right now we have like focusing on Amazon right now. Yeah, because all our team we have like the Amazon sellers in our team is like the co founders, we have the marketing and analytical team and developers like for different teams in a kind of focusing on Amazon for right now. And when we understand that we could do it on Amazon, but we will do it in two months, you will see like the 02 here, and we right now have the ultimate final two, of course we go like into other e-commerce platforms.

Eric Stopper  9:18  

And now Help me Help me understand the core differences between Profit Whales, the software, and will actually I want to take a step back. Do you guys also offer human consulting or do people just buy the software? And that’s it?

Vitalii Khyzhniak  9:36  

Yeah, like the coolest thing that we have any case of like our Profit Whales software for right now. We do the personal support too. So we provide our users with a 24 hour support like daily if they need and also we double check like all the results that they have and provide them with seven days. And so today’s results with some recommendations. Yeah. Because what our software does pro right now we do the optimization of your current campaigns. If you have bad campaigns or not enough campaigns will inform, you will say, Hey guys, please do the ultimate ultimate campaigns if needed for you. Yeah, or Please start the product targeting campaigns, you don’t have them and our software including, like help you enter update it like fully Yeah. So we have like the team of the support managers, we just go inside and work with our clients directly providing them with all these recommendations.

Eric Stopper  10:31  

And when you’re working with these clients, do you typically like to use the data from their Seller Central accounts to help validate your tool? Is that how you’re able to compound everything together and actually make changes? Or like where I see on your website, you talk a lot about AI and big data. Where does the big data come from? For you?

Vitalii Khyzhniak  10:57  

Of course from the Amazon sellers accounts,

Eric Stopper  10:59  

okay. Yeah, straight from the client.

Vitalii Khyzhniak  11:01  

Exactly. But we have like, different, like, algorithms for making these analyses, you know? Yeah, just for understanding like the behavior for all these numbers. And when the clients like go inside of our Profit Whales software, they just connect them from the help of the API. Okay, like the two clicks, you’ll just go into and connect your Amazon seller account with our software. Yeah, and after that, we just try to we’ll just grab all the data that you could find in the Amazon and then our software just start do optimization based on the strategy that you will choose based on your net margin that you will set and

Eric Stopper  11:40  

yeah, so talk to me, to these beautiful listeners of mine. Hi there, how are you? Talk to all of them about who needs to come and talk with you. Write like, Am I selling zero dollars a month, am I selling 2000 20,000 200,000 like, at what point? Should I really start saying Profit Whales is what I need to consider right now.

Vitalii Khyzhniak  12:09  

So um, if you have any like, if you have any ideas to start the PPC campaigns, yeah or you have already started your PPC campaigns or you just work like without like in two or three years but then you could just contact us because for each of you will provide you like with a strategy to begin like to make your product launch and we’ll provide you with recommendations, should you do the PPC right now or not just to wait and be focusing on other things. If you have like any experience with the PPC, we will provide you with a audit and we will tell you like the good or bad things in the case of your PPC campaigns that you have right now and how to change it here and will provide you like with a whole analysis and in case of if you’re like the enterprise for example accounts, because we will find out like more data in a case of our business data that we have in our software. So, we just compare all these big results that we have from our side with yours and we will provide you with a like strands IDs and y’s would be for example for the next year, it also could be so

Eric Stopper  13:13  

Now how often does somebody have to use the tool to grow?

Vitalii Khyzhniak  13:18  

um you know, the hour to help you not only like to sew with us but to just forget about the PPC. So, we will do all these like we will work with your beats, we will add your new negative keywords, we will add you and you keywords or new product or product are getting in essence like from your competitors, who will do all the stuff like everything that your PPC specialists will do yeah, like, but we will do it automatically with the help of our software. But in our software we have like the dashboard for example, that’s helped you to grow your business and Amazon because we will provide you with PPC data and the like organic data. Yeah, that you couldn’t find Like you should just go into the summer airports inside the Amazon but we will show you like here and also will provide you with a trendlines how everything is changing and you can make like these decisions you know how to move forward for example, you just got like 50 more reviews and you could see that your CPC goes down. So be focusing on that where your conversion rates go up. So Okay Is that something you see you do well, so in this way will provide you with only the data to grow your business like in general not only in the case of like the PPC and also if you would like to get more info about the PPC and have ever seen his work like to maybe some find out like more notes Yeah, about it. You could go into the changes reports and double check why we make these changes and we will try to with all explanations like whose icon you could double check all calculations, all indicators what our soul just grabbed and why we just made the decisions and you will just get more understanding how we just move.

Eric Stopper  14:56  

I think that that makes a lot of sense. I wonder, is there a way for the people listening to run a search term or a business report in their account, and then filter the data somehow to let them know that they have a problem? Like, is there a way for someone to self diagnose and say, Hey, I need to? Or should they just come and talk with you? And I’ll do that for them?

Vitalii Khyzhniak  15:24  

Of course they do. It’s, you know, it’s a really, I could just provide you with a simple way to do it. And we don’t need to make a screen share something that you could do go into your search term report, just to download it for the last 30 or 60 days, and filter all your search terms in the case of the ackers. And then you will find out for example, the, the keywords with high echoes, like for example, your targeting is 35. And we could just go more like 50 and higher. Yeah, and you could find out how much, like how much do spend on these keywords, and these kinds of keywords should be optimized, or you could double check your own Get a conversion rate that you have for right now. and double check how many keywords you get, like in the case of clicks, without any sales and just also to double check, how many just dollars do you spend on these keywords, and also, all of these things should be optimized. And these all these like changes our software could do in a gait like kind of like one week or one day, you know, when we will upload some data and we will have enough data to make any decisions.

Eric Stopper  16:26  

So depends on the different sizes of the account. But what the other thing that I’m wondering too, is I just hand my PPC over to the machine. And not think about it. It scares me definitely, but it also sounds pretty great. So I’m wondering how much human interaction does the tool require at the beginning how much setup is there a certain amount of advertising spend that would be optimal like is am I going to get a statistically significant amount of data off of $100 in ad spend Is there minimums that I need to hit before the tool is going to give me real insights you know

Vitalii Khyzhniak  17:05  

The coolest thing that we do is we work only with data so if we have enough data in the case of like your clicks or impressions we will make any changes if we don’t have it, we will wait so our software checks your Amazon seller accounts every hour. So we go double check, do you have enough data to make any decisions? No, yes. If yes, we will do it if not we will wait and we will go like and come back to you in one hour just to double check it and also we get like eight different metrics to make any decisions. So we do not compare like only one year or two we just take the eight different metrics for making any decisions like to increase for example a beat to your some keywords or we’ll take a different metric. And also like how much time do you need, you will spend like on the beginning in the last like five to up to five minutes like you To set up like maybe 10. But also because in what we have is the demo calls, you could contact our specialists, and do all these steps with us will provide you with all updates and decisions like how to do it there, ready to choose and go deeper into like analysis and audit for you. And it will be much easier. Yeah. And in the case of human support, you work not only with the machine, yeah, like not only was it software, we have it controlling it, I mean that we, if we see that something is going wrong, we’ll update you with it. So we will tell you, hey, let’s double check it or at least increase your budgets because it started working better. We will have like these updates also to like the budget and bits control. And you will have a chance when our tool will also do the budget, budget and pizza management. I mean that will, for example, update your daily budgets. Yeah, in the case of like we see that you could get more sales. With a new tag or something like that, we work directly with you, and we provide you with beat human support too. So no worries about this.

Eric Stopper  19:09  

Interesting now. I love robots. I love machines. I love software. And I see right that Profit Whales on the website we are heavily investing in artificial intelligence and big data. Talk to me about the AI. Why is it smart? How is it smart? What aspects of AI is it leveraging and what is it? What is the problem that you’re trying to solve with AI?

Vitalii Khyzhniak  19:41  

So, the main ad you know for right now, we work only with algorithms. So, we are focusing on the AI in a case of like these decisions in a cave so how to correctly move with a kind of like the keywords and how to grow your Amazon business like correctly, you know, and it’s a really cool idea for like big brands, you know, and they kind of like even have some seasons or something like that. So the main idea for right now is that we will finish our work and again kind of like the algorithms, and then we’ll, we’ll just upload it. And we will start working with the data. I believe that we just get like the second Yeah, we have like the second update in case of our big data, we will provide it to our like social media, I believe, like soon next week, and we have like from the half of the year, how the our users just do and what trends just we have fines, and everything is just built on the mathematical models. Yeah, with the help of the algorithms, but still, we would like to applaud the AI just for finding some trends, you know, just for finding some updates in the case of like the CPC or budgets and so like the sub categories, and how it will help the Amazon sellers to grow their businesses much better.

Eric Stopper  20:57  

Yeah, I you know, all All of all of those things speak to me and tell me, you know what you guys are seeking to build. But the right like with AI when it comes to creating a system creating a model that is able to leverage, you know, quote unquote, machine learning or AI, there are a lot of people who will who will argue with me about the difference between those but what is the team like on the whiteboard at Profit Whales where you’re doing you’re creating your plan for AI to solve what is like the core thing that Amazon doesn’t give you that Profit Whales is able to give you using artificial intelligence.

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