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Every Amazon retailer wants to increase sales, but they battle constant competition from similar products. Because of that, Amazon sellers need all the help they can muster in order to have an advantage over the competition.

Tools for Effective Amazon Selling

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There are different types of software for Amazon sellers that could help increase sales. There are also a number of Amazon selling tips. Below is a mix of tools and tips to consider.

  • Amazon tools –These tools include the FBA Revenue Calculator, Volume Listing Tools, and Amazon Seller App.
  • Barcode scanner – Entering your product’s ISBNs AND UPCs by hand will take forever, but fortunately, Amazon provides a free barcode scanner app that you can download. You can also purchase a handheld scanner.
  • Third party software – Software for Amazon sellers is available from third party developers. Amazon retailers can use the software to sell more or manage their Amazon listings. Some of the software includes the following features:
    • Repricing tools – They update your price based on your set parameters to enable maximum sales. Examples include Teikametrics, RepricerExpress, Sellery, and NeatoScan. Another software, Feedvisor, employs an algorithm that takes into consideration factors other than price to help your product land in the Buy Box.
    • Listing services – A listing service may help you increase the number of items you will sell on Amazon. This will be important if you aim to grow your business.
    • Scouting tools – Your Amazon shop also needs software to scout the web for the best wholesale prices on the products you sell. This will allow you to squeeze more out of your profit margins.
  • Inventory TrackingAmazon automation can let you save time performing this tedious task that is a must in online selling. You can minimize your overhead expenses and increase your profitability by getting software that handles your inventory tracking. Software such as Inventory Lab, Teikametrics, or AutoMCF will be a necessity as an Amazon seller.
  • Seller Ratings – Tools that include FeedbackFive, FeedbackExpress, and Feedback Genius provide an automated approach to boosting your product’s seller rating.
  • Tax Compliance – Selling online, especially on Amazon FBA or any drop-ship service, will create more sales tax obligation than you can imagine. Having the right tools to ensure that you collect and remit the proper amount of sales tax and pay it to the right state will eliminate a lot of headache during tax time.
    Selling at Amazon will be more efficient and streamlined if you are equipped with the proper tools of the trade.