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Americans spend over $3 billion on fireworks and food every Fourth of July. The amount does not include other expenses, such as the cost of travel to be with family for the traditional barbecue or of U.S. flags to display on homes or in yards, Uncle Sam hats, and other paraphernalia associated with the celebration.

sell more for the Fourth of July

(Pixabay / Unsplash)

Our nation was founded with an emphasis on freedom, and that includes free enterprise. People do business in order to meet consumers’ needs and make money in the process. Small business owners, including online businesses, are important players in the nation’s economy, and they should capitalize on the Independence Day celebration to grow their company. The following are ways to boost your sales on the Fourth:

  • Create Fourth of July-themed products or services – Food industries can sell themed edibles. Service industries can offer themed discounts.
  • Award patriotism – If you run a brick and mortar store, offer free items or discounts to people who come into your shop wearing red, white and blue. Selling online? Offer discounts to those that post or share themed content online.
  • Make patriotic posts – Speaking of social media, make special Fourth of July posts.
  • Offer holiday “must-haves” at your POS – Offer holiday essentials at your point-of-sale—such as sparklers, bug spray, hand-held American flags, or sunglasses. You can up your profits by encouraging customers to add on these “extras” at checkout.
  • Give parade freebies – Is your town or city hosting a parade? Position yourself on the route and give out branded candy or water bottles.