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Jonothan DiPeri

Jonothan DiPeri is the founder & CEO of MyoStorm, a company that provides innovative solutions to pain management and muscular recovery. His team of engineers and professional athletes developed a unique flagship product called the Meteor, a heating massage therapy ball that is designed to crush pain.

Jonothan graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In late 2019, Jono and his MyoStorm business partners appeared on Shark Tank, where they closed a deal with Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC.



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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jonothan DiPeri talks about how the idea for his company, MyoStorm, came about
  • The concept and design behind the Meteor massage ball
  • Jonothan explains why he and his team decided to use Kickstarter to fund their product
  • Jonothan’s experience starting his business with a young family
  • Jonothan and his team’s Shark Tank experience
  • The business model behind MyoStorm and the most influential strategy for growing its online presence
  • What Jonothan DiPeri and his team are currently working on and where to learn more about MyoStorm

In this episode…

While doing a research project at Brigham Young University, Jonothan DiPeri and his friend and business partner Shaquille Walker came up with a groundbreaking idea that has caused a storm in the pain management product market. Their pain relieving massage ball, the Meteor, was funded through Kickstarter and before they knew it, they were invited to appear on Shark Tank.

Now, Jonothan is the founder and CEO of MyoStorm, a company dedicated to helping people feel better and live healthier. He has used his appearance on reality TV to launch his engineering career and continue his research in localized vibration and heat therapy technologies.

In this episode of the Buy Box Experts podcast, Eric Stopper interviews Jonothan DiPeri about his experience with the sharks on Shark Tank and how that impacted his young business. He explains the concept behind the company’s core product, why they chose Kickstarter for their funding, and where he plans to go from here. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

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Today, I am joined by Jonothan DiPeri, the founder of MyoStorm, a company with a unique flagship product called the Meteor a hitting massage therapy ball that is meant as the website It says to crush pain. His team is comprised of engineers and professional athletes who developed the product and launched it on Kickstarter, where it was quickly funded. And then in late 2019, they appeared on Shark Tank where they did a deal with Laurie, the queen of QVC. He’s a family man, an engineer and a friend. Jonothan, welcome to the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:20
Thanks for having me.

Eric Stopper 1:21
So, you’ve probably told this story a few times over. But I want our listeners to kind of hear it from you. We haven’t had a shark tank or Kickstarter company, come on. And I hate to put you in a bucket as a Kickstarter company. That’s just a means of getting funded. But I kinda want to know, the genesis of the idea. And then just like the first few months of actually starting the company around it, can you kind of give us a story?

Jonothan DiPeri 1:46
For sure. Honestly, it was. I mean, it took a long time for me to tell the whole story, so I have to give different versions but it kinda was, by chance that this all started happening. I was mechanical engineering. student at BYU. And through that I got involved in a research group, the vibrations lab, and it was cross disciplinary between engineering and physiology. Essentially, we studied how vibration affects the human body. And it was kind of in that research group that we decided to try to develop a product that could utilize vibration that we could use in our studies and research. And through that, we found that there were really unique and specific frequencies and amplitudes that had different therapeutic effects. So as I was doing this research, one of my best friends, Shaquille Walker, who is running professionally for the Brooks beasts in Seattle at the time, I had mentioned it to him and got him kind of excited saying, and he was telling me that, hey, there can be huge application for this and running, we already use different set of types of massage devices. So if we could really get something that was research backed and effective, this can be big. That was the first time that I thought about, hey, maybe I could pursue this as as a business idea, not just this research project. But kind of started to grow. And during development of this product for research, I was using Shaq and his teammates as kind of a validation on the product and helping design it. And there was just one day I think Shaq and I have had so many business ideas, since we’ve known each other. It was just we’d have the craziest ideas and talk about, you know, starting businesses and as always kind of a fantasy for me. One day, I decided, you know what, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna go for it. And you know, maybe you crash and burn, but at least I’ll learn something. So I kind of just decided one day, I’m just gonna, I’m gonna go for it. I’m gonna see what happens. So we entered a business competition at BYU is actually the the student Innovator of the Year competition. And we ended up winning a few thousand dollars and that was the kind of the first moment that it became real like, Oh, hey, actually, this might go somewhere. It’s not just a cool idea. Another cool idea that we had. So we entered some more business competitions, got some great mentorship and decided kind of as our final form of validation because I didn’t really do it the proper way. We started out, we decided to use Kickstarter kind of as our final form of validation as well as funding. So we just set a goal about $20,000. We said, you know, if we hit this without really pushing it too hard, then we’ll we’ll go full steam ahead, we’ll kind of take that chance at the time. We were both busy students, we had other you know, career and future plans, and we kind of are at that crux of, are we gonna, you know, stop everything else and put our lives towards this and actually try to make something out of it, or is it just going to keep being a little side project, right. And then the Kickstarter campaign after all of a sudden done, we ended up doing about 70 grand, so over tripled the goal and that was kind of like, Okay, this is this is for real, we can we can make something out of this. And that’s kind of what got us started.

Pretty shortly after I think that Kickstarter, we ran in 2018, September of 2018, and then January February of 2019. Shark Tank reached out to us they had kind of found us, I think probably through our Kickstarter. And just wanted to hear a little bit about our story. And they encouraged us to apply and we got kind of pushed to the final rounds and it just ended up going from there. So it was really a blessing and all of its luck or what, but we got picked up. And everything just went smooth sailing in our we’re growing.

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